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looking for players in Boston, MA


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I'm not sure if this is the right spot to post, but it seemed like the general forum was most appropriate. If not, please feel free to relocate...

So, I'm trying to form a group, and for being in a major city, it's harder than I expected! So I'm advertising on several forums. The format demanded at rpg.net actually does provide a lot information succinctly, so I'll reproduce that here.

Play Location/Method: face-to-face, exact location TBD by group, but in the Boston public transportation accessible area. I can host a small group, but mid to large size may require another location (I'm in Cambridge).

Game/System: BRP (obviously), with some bits translated from HarnMaster

Player or GM? I will GM

Time/Frequency: TBD by forming group, but prefer a long session during a weekend day

Genre: the setting will indeed be Harn, a high realism medieval fantasy setting, generally magic and monsters are rare

Current needs: 3-8 players to start a new campaign

Accept Drop-In Players? No, I prefer a regular group

Accept Spectators? Probably no, but if there are enough seats, I'd be okay with it

Short description of the setting/campaign (5 lines or less): This would be role-playing intensive, mystery/problem solving, basically a thinking game - at least that's what I'd be aiming for. At the moment, I'm planning to start in the Kingdom of Chybisa, but that could change.

Experience: No experience with BRP is necessary. Lack of experience in Harn is probably a plus, as it enhances the mystery! General roleplaying experience in something beyond kill things and take their stuff mode is desired, however.


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I'd love to play and as far as a system that is played the world over, i'm relitivly close (Southern New Hampshire), but still too far away to be able to commit. Bummer, so close, but yet so far.


Join my Mythras/RuneQuest 6: Classic Fantasy Yahoo Group at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/RQCF/info

"D100 - Exactly 5 times better than D20"

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