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Professional skills in RQG core? English/Francais diff's


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Over in the official "Q&A" thread, Scotty wrote:


I believe that in addition to Fisher, Healer and Hunter, the following occupations have changes to skill bonuses in the French edition:

Assistant Shaman, Bandit, Chariot Driver, Crafter, Entertainer, Farmer, Herder, Merchant, Noble Philosopher, Priest, Scribe, Thief, Heavy Infantry, Warrior Light Infantry.

I wondered if I could beg a favor from those of our fine Francophone friends (in possession of both French & English editions) to itemize these differences for us poor benighted souls who lack the capacity with your fine tongue?


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1 hour ago, Scotty said:

Please don’t post copyright material on this forum. The French core rules can be purchased here and used with most built in computer. translation software. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/329163

It's such a small snippet -- amounting to a few sentences here or there, from a few pages -- that I thought it was covered under "Fair Use" rather than a violation of copyright.

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