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Imther, Edge of Empire... Coming Soon


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The prayers and offerings have been made; the scrolls consulted; the omens read.  The bits and pieces fall into place; texts gathered and refined; art commissioned and collected.  The gears of the World Machine mesh together.  The quest nears its conclusion.




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1 hour ago, jajagappa said:

A little bit of trivia to take us way back to the beginning... In what fanzine did my Imther material first appear?


Do tell! Enquiring minds, and all.

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... remember, with a TARDIS, one is never late for breakfast!

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Having done proofing and some copy editing  on this forthcoming project, I can say people will be pleased that it captures the old Imther materials and adds a lot of new stuff that provides an excellent source for beginning an Imther campaign

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1 hour ago, Peter Hart said:

Looking forward to seeing this. Really enjoyed reading your piece on the Singing Trail and the mini scenario in TotRM #16.

Thanks!  You'll find a couple pieces of familiar artwork then courtesy of Simon Bray as well as content on the Singing Trail.  The mini scenario, or likely a variant, will hopefully be included in a subsequent work.

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