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Describe your first Rivers of London Character.

Darius West

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As it is soon after release, now is the time for new players to tell us who their first characters are.  This is always interesting as a survey of how people are choosing to play the game and may give other people ideas for NPCs or spins on characters that they might want to play.  I will put in my own character after a few other people have done theirs.

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5 hours ago, redbucketashtray said:

We're still sorting out a campaign, but it'll be based in Chicago, so we're going to play as hedge wizards as the world gets fleshed out a bit, it'll probably be more Nightside than Rivers of London at least to begin.

boggles >

How can it be Chicago without Harry Dresden??!?


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Nathan Roberts, Male, Age 25, Firefighter

STR 60/30

CON 70/35

DEX 50/25

INT  50/25

POW 50/25



Advantages: Natural Toughness, Steadfast

Affluence Rating: Average


Common Skills

Athletics* 60

Drive* 60

Navigate * 60

Observation* 60

Read Person 30

Research 30

Sense Vestigia 30

Social 30

Stealth 30

Expert Skills

Mechanical Repair* 60

Combat Skills

Fighting* 60

Firearms 30

Equipment: high-visibility protective clothing, helmet, air supply, gloves, axe, first aid kit, rope.


Nathan is a firefighter from the outskirts of London, child to a single parent who sacrificed everything so her son could have the chances in life she didn’t. School was hard, always wearing last year’s fashions, cast off clothes and behind the times when it came to toys and computer games. Nathan was obsessed with becoming a fireman and his out of school activities were spent in cubs and scouts and whatever other clubs his mum thought would help him achieve his dream. The cool kids laughed at him, but Nathan didn’t care and when he was old enough, he applied for the fire service and passed the entry fitness test with flying colours. He took up boxing in his teens after one too many fights with the school bullies and now fights for the fire house’s team.

His first brush with magic came only a few months ago, when his appliance was called to a fire in an old warehouse by the river. He and his best friend in the service, John Davis were putting out the blaze only to see some sort of fire sprite re-light the fire causing the roof to fall in on John and seriously injure him. Nobody would believe Nathan’s story and his section commander put him on extended leave, thinking he had some form of PTSD. Nathan’s mum Joanna and John are the most important people in his life, though his father who left when Joanna fell pregnant has now contacted him again following a TV interview at the scene of the warehouse fire, something that has shaken Nathan.

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20 hours ago, g33k said:

boggles >

How can it be Chicago without Harry Dresden??!?


HA!  Good point!  We originally played our modern fantasy with Changeling so the low magic setting here tracks for us, plus getting urban fantasy in the BRP system has a huge appeal, although we may steal some of the magic from Liminal for the Fae characters here.

To answer the original question:

MC Verhulst

Fae chancer

Str:  40. Con:  50. Dex:  60. Int:  70. Pow:  60. Luck:  60

Sleight of Hand, navigate, observation, Read person, sense vestige and stealth are all at 60% to start.

Advantages:  Connected, The Knowledge.  Disadvantage:  Crossed the wrong people

I'm still working out affinities, but the basic concept is that the character lives between the 2 worlds, with friends and enemies in both and has a knack for finding ways into the fae, goblin markets and other things related to the Demi monde, kind of an urban ranger for all things wyrd.  

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My first character is Barry Leslie McKnockater an Australian Male psychiatric nurse from Queensland whose parents both became abusive alcoholics after returning from Desert Storm.  He and his siblings were not so much raised as dragged up, just so they could be kicked down again.  Both of Barry's older siblings eventually fled the coop, and Barry being the youngest was only saved by his teenage growth spurt.  It was a growth spurt that kept on giving, and Barry made the most of it by pumping iron like his life depended on it, because it did.  Barry could soon pass for someone many years his senior and looked utterly out of place in the tech school he attended.  Barry took up shearing for a while, illegally due to being underage, and eventually when his parents tried to beat him, he was easily able to wrestle them to submission and then he reasoned with them, eventually convincing them to go into rehab.  Barry was a regular visitor to the rehab center, and began helping the staff.  Given he could easily wrestle an obstreperous sheep, or anyone else for that matter, problem patients proved no problem for Barry in his volunteer role.  The director of the rehab center took a liking to Barry for his work ethic and his unpretentious and compassionate manner, and pulled some strings to find him a nursing scholarship so they could get him on staff.  Barry had some trouble with the more academic side of his studies but people intervened to coach him over his difficulties while he was volunteering for nightshift.   Eventually he was poached by a London hiring firm, and has been living in London for a year now.  Barry is what the Cockneys call a "Unit".  Despite being a huge and brutal looking fellow, he is very humane and personable, and has a strange serene look to him.  Barry is largely unflappable, and is very practical in a crisis.  He is also extremely decent and compassionate.  He is also very clean living.  Barry is not scared of having a drink, but avoids drinking to excess, as he doesn't want to go down the same path as his parents.  He is only 23 years old but looks about 37.

Advantages: Steadfast (His home life was so awful that most situations just don't register as a problem), Natural Toughness (same goes for beatings).

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1 hour ago, buckyball said:

Harry Dresden exists in an alternate reality version of Chicago that is really Toronto

I had been thinking of a "Harold Dresden" who was like early Mortimer Lindquist:  lost faith in himself, his powers... mostly getting by as a con-artist.

Still a ton of potential (also just like Morty), but in need of a good hard kick in the pants & a "line-too-far" moment to make him realize he did have a backbone, after all...

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My first Rivers of London character is named Ffion Wynn. Originally from Newport Wales, he studied law at Durham and became a London barrister. He has recently been assigned to the Folly. His role is to assess the legality of modern day magic; Not an easy task. He is skilled at research and has excellent social skills. His advantages are: Silver tongued and Steadfast. I am hoping that he may keep our intrepid investigators from running afoul of the law. Or failing that, helping to extricate them when they do. He tends to say things like " Boot yoor Onner, Dim a sympl cowntry Lawher" when he wants to appear easy going and kindly. And he says things like ' We must accord rights to privacy of individuals, who may be distinguishable in the course of an initial vestigia assessment ' when he wishes to be taken more seriously

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