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Uleria and Aldrya


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Something I was thinking about for a future project... are the cults of Aldrya and Uleria compatible?  In particular, could an elf be an initiate of both Aldrya and Uleria?  I'm inclined to think so; there doesn't seem to be any reason they shouldn't be friendly, and there's some evidence of association between the two, at least in earlier editions: the Cult Compendium makes Uleria the mother of Shanassee the Great Tree, and Elder Secrets of Glorantha says the Olarians are daughters of Uleria and Aldrya.  But I can't find any definitive word on the matter; as far as I can tell in none of the books that included cult compatibility charts did both Aldrya and Uleria appear.  I'm inclined to think it's probably reasonable to assume that it's possible to be an initiate in both cults, but is there anything I'm overlooking that would indicate otherwise?

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I have always played that Uleria is compatible with everyone, and all are welcome (even Chaos, though most societies will frown on that, and many aspects of Chaos do not seem able to Love, though some certainly do). The opposite of Humakt, who cuts all ties, and fitting with their runes and role.

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I think the cults are compatible, for the reason given: Uleria was the mother of Shanassee, and is referred to in at least one place as the Grower.

But I think she will be "seen" very differently by the Aldryami than by humans.


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