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Another rules question - Magic is Exhausting


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The simplest answer is that yes, it should only be taken by someone with the Magical advantage or, as you say, it could be open to player abuse.

Having said that, if your player's arc for their character means they intend to learn magic later (i.e., by saving up their development points to buy the Magical advantage) then you could let them take Magic is Exhausting pre-emptively because it works in story terms - perhaps that's why it takes them longer than everyone else to learn how to cast spells. However, if the player keeps putting off buying Magical, the GM should feel free to have them remove Magic is Exhausting as their disadvantage and pick another one that does have an in-game impact.

As the disadvantage is linked to spellcasting, demi-monde characters shouldn't really be able to take it - after all, they don't cast spells! However, if you want to tweak it so that in your game it has the effect you describe, that's entirely up to you!

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