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The end of Alephtar Games

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Scared? Do not worry, it is nothing more than a mandatory name change. If you are interested in one of our announced games, rest assured that it will happen.

Effective January 1st 2023, the legal entity known as Alephtar Games has ceased operations. The reasons why are very technical and it is useless to tell them here. Suffice to say that all trademarks and intellectual property have been transferred to a new legal entity that will do business as Cloud Games. In fact, Cloud Games was already operating as supplier of our products in France, but the general public was not aware of this, as Chathulhu and Dynamic D100 are still sold with the Alephtar Games logo. The Alephtar Games brand remains usable and we will continue to use it. The new brand will start to appear only once we have created a new logo and stuff, so no urgency.

Products in the pipeline are unchanged. Red Moon Rising RPG is progressing and we hope to make it happen this year, which would mean that it is six years overdue. We apologize with backers for the delay. NB, I know that I have already said before that it would be out within the year, but this time we have the comic book at the printer, and the manuscript for the game is 1500 words away from completion.

A revised edition of Dynamic D100, with a supplement, is expected at the same time. Both Red Moon Rising and Dynamic D100 will contain the new Revolution D100 core. As soon as these are out, we will release a SRD for v2.0 of Revolution D100, and then crowdfund a new commercial edition. Late 2023 or more likely 2024.

For the new edition of Revolution D100, we hope to have the new Paizo- and Chaosium-sponsored Open RPG Creative License available to publish the SRD as open game content on a solid legal basis. We fully support that initiative and are very happy that Chaosium does, too.

We also have new partners and collaborators. We will introduce them in due time. That’s all for today, folks.

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I'm still looking forward to that 2nd edition - I really liked a lot of what I've read in the first edition (how skills work, simple conflicts); where it lost me was really that for physical combat, there was no middle ground; either you could use the extremely simplistic basic system, or it was the full-fledged one with armor, different kinds of Hit Points (which partly acted as Strike Ranks, if I remember correctly) and hit locations, which seemed insanely complex to me.

So I'll definitely check RD100v2 out, if only to see whether I'll manage to understand advanced combat the 2nd time around!

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