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BRP Gamemasters Util


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there has been some work done to create a amalgamation of Twilight 2000 and the Basic roleplaying rules system. This has all gone into the creation of a Gamemaster utility for windows, that manages battles (The perfect little thing to have on a GM laptop). You can of course use it for T2k, T2k13, or Merc2000 or any other modern setting;

It can now be downloaded at https://sourceforge.net/projects/brputil/

Note; As it is written in C#, you will need the latest .net framework, it can be downloaded from Microsoft

We will add source code and documentation soon, but we wanted to get a binary up asap for testing.

* More than 200 weapons this far

* Advanced damage (Based on Richard Leducs modern combat system)

* Easy creation of new weapons

* Easy creation of templates

* Manages the whole combat, takes cover and armor into account, manages bleeding and unconsciousness.

* Keeps track of initiative

* Functions for aiming, unaimed shots, specific aiming at hit locations, volley fire, automatic fire, and suppressive fire.

*Advanced hit locations

*Capability to save and load combats.

There are more features, but those are the ones that spring to mind, more are planned.

This will be released as open source. What we need help with later on is more variants of armor and fleshing out the weapons list (Especially the explosives part, when explosive damage is done). We also need help with testing and reporting bugs.

I will keep you posted about the progress.

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Just a quick update, I downloaded the file on my machine and it ran fine. Might want to consider adding some kind of text to the start up page, like a welcome message, etc. so that the user will know the app is functioning. Other than that, my first impression is that it's a good app. Haven't had much time working with it yet, but wanted to let you know that I had started looking at it, flunch.

By the way, what's the app written in? I know you have the source code up, but if it's not in a language I understand, like Java, the source won't do me much good.;)

I'll play with it more as I get time.

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