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Hey, that was never released in soft cover! (Warning: bogus Jonstown Compendium POD on Ebay)


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It’s as per each of the other three Runequest listings- a New Reprint in perfect binding- a print on demand from a licensed PDF. Quality is great- I have one of each of these myself for my collection- an ideal way to get the title without having to get them from the US for example.
Is what the Ebay.co.uk scammer told me when I messaged asking if they'd mislabelled the Jonstown Compendium release they were touting for top dollar. It was advertised as a "perfect bound softcover", but I know for certain that book has only ever been released in hardback (printed by OneBookShelf).
You'd think it would be obvious – even if you legitimately bought the PDF, knocking off a copy at your local print shop to then sell is totally not cool. It just means bogus, poorer quality copies go into circulation and the honest buyers buying a fake -
  1. are hoodwinked;
  2. look at the lower production standard and think worse of the genuine publisher (especially when the perfect binding inevitably falls apart); and,
  3. have unwittingly dudded the original creator.
DriveThruRPG POD titles are printed and shipped from the UK so there's not even that excuse about the cost of postage.
Reported to Ebay, for all that will probably achieve.
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  • MOB changed the title to Hey, that was never released in soft cover! (Warning: bogus Jonstown Compendium POD on Ebay)

I found this one pretty despicable to be honest: did they genuinely think it was okay to print and resell to others copies of something they had bought a copy of only for themself? Apparently, they did.

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