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1 hour ago, David Scott said:

The British Museum Blog takes a look at literature in ancient Egypt:


It's interesting to note three things about the tale of two brothers:

  • Pharaoh Amenemhat I of the Twelfth Dynasty (20th century BCE!) tried to validate his reign as a usurper by doing a lot of cultural work, including recording many literary narratives, and he and his son had the first coregency in Egyptian history, which echoes the narrative of two brothers where one brother is killed and reborn as the successor.
  • It has a narrative echo in the Horus-Isis-Seth story
  • It has a narrative influence on Potiphar, Joseph, and Potiphar's Wife (called Zulaykha in Arabic), one of the most historically popular tales in Jewish and Muslim societies alike. There's like one million versions in every language around
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