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Playing RQ online

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I do it using Zoom.  It provides a semi face to face experience and allows display of images on screren, also sending documents and documents, etc.. 

There is no problem learning to manipulate a "game system".

Note that I am doing theater of the mind, not simulating using miniatures.

I trust the players, they roll their dice.

If you haven't used Zoom, ask what you want to know.


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25 minutes ago, Geoff R Evil said:

Hi. Anyone got any tips on what tools are best or good to use to support an online game, I.e. alongside a video call, for example dice rollers, etc?


Agreed, I am using Skype with Google Docs for visuals. Very low tech. It works. Have used Roll20 and if you intend to replay a game it is worth the work to fill the journals with goodness.

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Thx, yeh familiar with zoom and many other video conf tools, and with Google docs, just wondered if there was any tools,plug ins etc people find useful. But obviously not, good old screen share is enough if well prepped I guess. There is the soloquest dice roller one can use if visible dice rolls are useful or needed.


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We use Roll20 and Discord, if Roll20's sound plays up, which is often does.

Roll20 has a nice RQG Character Sheet, which works well enough. The maps are easy to use and can be atmospheric. GMs just drop a map into the game and Adventurers can interact with it.


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