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The Laundry Files


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New stuff for Cubicle 7's "The Laundry" setting:

black-bag-jobs.jpgBlack Bag Jobs contains six self-contained missions for your Laundry campaign. From the war-torn hillsides of Afghanistan to the corridors of power in Whitehall, from yoga lessons in Devon to the end of the world, it's time to break in and steal the secrets of reality, like:

•The truth about social networking

•How to weaponize a shoggoth

•Management secrets of the undying priests

•What the Auditors fear

•How to prepare for the apocalypse

•… and what happens after.


agent-s-handbook.jpgYou can't efficiently protect the United Kingdom from the scum of the multiverse (in an efficient, enterprise-focussed sustainable customer-facing manner) without this employee's handbook. Inside, you'll find:

•Advice on tradecraft, tactics, and safe sorcery

•New equipment and training courses

•Things with tentacles, some of which may be your co-workers

•Rules for civilians, external contractors and non-Laundry personnel

•Archival notes on the Laundry, including rules for running historical games

•Maddening forms and eldritch bureaucracy

•And more!

The Laundry Files: Agent's Handbook – for those employees who, on the whole, would prefer not to be devoured by alien space gods. Everyone else, form an orderly queue for Cthulhu.

Yeah! :)

Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
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