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Miskatonic Monday #67a,b,c: current print titles in the Miskatonic Repository


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"No one who had ever seen this guy in his infancy would have supposed him born to be an author" – Jane Austen (probably). 

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Stuart Sellens is excited to announce he's got another Call of Cthulhu release to print: Host and Hostility, his Miskatonic Repository collection of scenarios for use with Regency Cthulhu. These adventures pit you against the high society of the era, with themes ranging from weird science to high-mythos. Stuart's even dressed up for the occasion!

Miskatonic Repository titles that achieve Electrum Best Seller status in PDF (251+ sales) are eligible to become Print-On-Demand. Here are all the titles currently available in physical print format in the Miskatonic Repository. There are many (and more being added each month), so we're splitting this post up into several parts.


Host and Hostility: Three Regency Call of Cthulhu Scenarios
SR Sellens (Softcover or Hardcover, Standard Color Book, 105 pages)

A collection of three one-to-one scenarios, making use of the Regency Cthulhu sourcebook. The scenarios range from weird science to high-mythos. Each scenario is written to be run in a single 2-4 hour session.

The Dragon of Wantley
SR Sellens (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 52 pages)

1920s England: No-one who had ever met Flora Jacobs would describe her as scandalous, but when the young socialite mysteriously disappeared on a trip up north with a man she had only recently met, intrigue was sure to follow. What on the surface appears to be an ‘innocent elopement’ will lead the investigators to a quiet Yorkshire village with a big secret to unearth.


Heinrich's Call of Cthulhu Guide to Character Creation
Heinrich D. Moore (Softcover or Hardcover, Standard Color Book, 153 pages)

Heinrich’s Guide is a role-playing product for creating character backstories through emergent storytelling. Experience your investigator grow up from strange going-ons accompanying their birth, to them finding love (and then rescuing said loved one from cultists), to skipping class to spend more time studying esoteric pursuits, to being recruited by a “Secret Government Agency," to traveling to other dimensions!

Dockside Dogs: Call of Cthulhu
Paul Fricker (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 40 pages)

This was supposed to be a simple heist... Dockside Dogs is a modern-day, one-shot scenario by Paul Fricker, co-author of the 7th edition Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook and Investigator Handbook, and many other Call of Cthulhu titles including Two-Headed Serpent and Masks of Nyarlathotep. The previous edition of this scenario was a Platinum seller on DrivethruRPG. This new, updated version has been thoroughly revised, and includes a choice appearance/gender for each investigator.


Full Fathom Five
Paul Fricker (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 60 pages)

You’ve been at sea for 13 months. There’s salt in your beard, and weevils in your biscuits! Taking inspiration from Moby Dick, Full Fathom Five puts the players aboard a whaling vessel in 1847. As the ship sails across the Pacific Ocean strange and terrible events unfold.

The scenario is intended for four to six players, with advice included for running with fewer (all the way down to one Keeper and one player). The game usually runs in a single intense session of play.

Solo Investigator's Handbook
5e Solo Gamebooks (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 60 pages)

This product is the result of months of work and extensive playtesting, and contains a full system for generating on-the-fly, immersive adventures for your investigator(s). Using paper, pen, dice, this system, and your fevered imagination, you can generate full scenarios for yourself without the need for a Keeper. This is great if you cannot find a group, or for creating little scenarios for yourself in between your regular group games.


Carnival of Madness: A Call of Cthulhu Scenario for the 1970s
Alex Guillotte and Ian Christiansen (Softcover or Hardcover, Standard or Premium Color Book, 92 pages)

On the evening of Friday, October 30th, 1970, you’re headed for the Carnival Pandemonium in western Massachusetts on the night before Halloween. It's a time for pumpkins, costumes, apple cider, colorful leaves, wood smoke, and of course, bone chilling terror!Most of the folks going there tonight are families and couples just out for a bit of fun, games, and a little spooky excitement, but others have far more serious or even sinister purposes. Whatever your reason for being there, one thing is certain. Everyone at the carnival this evening will experience things unimagined in their darkest nightmares. You don’t know it yet, but the part you play may determine the fate of all humanity.

The Hammersmith Haunting
Kat Clay (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 39 pages)

London 1890: ghost fever grips the suburb of Hammersmith. For three days, no person can sleep without experiencing terrible nightmares, and locals swear to have seen a ghostly medieval woman stalk the streets. Investigators find themselves trapped in Hammersmith, confronted by ghost hunters and an all-pervading fog. But is the ghost all that she appears? Or is there a more sinister reason for the Hammersmith haunting…

Cthulhu by Gaslight scenario by Australian crime and horror author Kat Clay.

"Bravo to my Melbourne friend Kat Clay, who has made the leap from writing award-winning detective fiction to publishing her debut scenario for Call of Cthulhu. And it’s a gaslight haunting. Perfection. Right up my fog-shrouded alley." — Mark Morrison (Horror on the Orient Express, Terror Australis, Reign of Terror, etc.)


The Catcott Collection
Peter Willington (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 15 pages)

A scholar working within the Catcott Collection in the Bristol Museum's archives has been plagued by headaches ever since their journey to the South West of England. When they find an untitled 13th Century text it begins a series of unusual events that sees them trapped in their rooms at The Royal Hotel, with seemingly no avenue for escape...

The Catcott Collection is an intimate one-to-one story set in 1920s Bristol, beautifully illustrated with period images sourced from the archives of the Bristol Museum, and is now officially part of the Bristol Archives.

Sorrow in Tsavo
Bridgett Jeffries (Softcover, Standard or Premium Color Book, 43 pages)

Welcome to 1898 Kenya. The British are building a railway bridge over the River Tsavo to solidify their position of trade and wealth in the region. The Investigators serve as leaders to the project. In addition to social dissonance and illness within the camp, a pair of man-eating lions known as “The Ghost” and “The Darkness” are stalking and brutally killing members of the construction crew. What happened to those 30 crewmen that disappeared overnight? Who, or what, sent the lions into camp?

Play style is story driven, sandbox, and combat light.


The Grindhouse: Volume 1
Alex Guillotte, Ian Christiansen (Softcover or Hardcover, Standard or Premium Color Book, 40 pages)

grindhouse [grahynd-hous] n. – A grindhouse or action house is an American slang term for a theatre that mainly shows low-budget horror, splatter and exploitation films for adults.

Friday Night Double Feature!

The Crimson King: This scenario takes place in the early 1980s. The characters have been invited to an exclusive nightclub that features early goth music with industrial and punk influences. Illicit drugs and overt sexuality are ubiquitous with the underground nightclubs of the time, and by all accounts The Court of the Crimson King is no exception.

Isle of the Damned: Set on a small island off the coast of Maine, this scenario takes place in the summer of 1974. A group of friends have rented a small vacation house with the intent of spending a week fishing, drinking, and maybe smoking a little weed. Things begin to go sideways when they hear a noise from beneath the cabin that leads them to a hidden door. What lies beyond will change their lives forever.

The Grindhouse: Volume 2
Alex Guillotte, Ian Christiansen (Softcover or Hardcover, Standard or Premium Color Book, 42 pages)

Friday Night Double Feature!

The Dark Brood: This scenario takes place in July of 1977 at a sleepaway summer camp. The counselors are short-handed due to transportation issues, but by the third day, everything seems to be going smoothly apart from the normal bouts of homesickness and poison ivy. Unfortunately, everything takes a downward turn on the fourth day when the kids begin complaining of nausea and cramps. The counselors decide to give the kids something to settle their stomachs and send them to bed early, convinced that everything will be better in the morning. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Jackknife: This scenario takes place in the 1970s on some highway in the Southwestern United States. Making the long haul across the New Mexico desert with a load of lumber, Jackknife Samson decides to pick up some desperate-looking hitchhikers, but he gets more trouble than he bargained for when they find themselves being hunted by a cult of psychotic snake worshipers for hell. [

Note: Jackknife is a light sequel to Highway of Blood, and may contain spoilers. So if Keepers intend to run Highway of Blood for their players, they may want to hold off on this scenario, or fold it into the story at the end.]


The Grindhouse: Volume 3
Alex Guillotte, Ian Christiansen (Softcover or Hardcover, Standard or Premium Color Book, 46 pages)

Friday Night Double Feature!

Hell Block Five: Irongate Penitentiary in Aylesbury, Massachusetts houses some of the most infamous criminals in the United States, and Cell Block Five contains the worst of the worst. One night in the summer of 1978, all of the cell doors unlock and slide open, but there’s no alarm and no guards. Something is very wrong. 

Note that since this takes place in an all male prison, all of the player characters are male.

First Night: In the Fall of 1980, a group of college girls decide to spend the night in the mansion that was recently purchased by their sorority. Unfortunately, their slumber party turns into a nightmarish fight for survival when they use a witch board and accidentally summon a terrifying entity from another dimension. Unless they can figure out how to send it back, none of them may live to see the dawn. 

Note that since this involves the members of a college sorority, all of the player characters are female.

The Grindhouse Ultimate Collection: Volumes 1-3
Alex Guillotte, Ian Christiansen (Softcover or Hardcover, Standard or Premium Color Book, 140 pages)

Now you can get the first three volumes of The Grindhouse in one convenient 140 page book, plus a special bonus scenario that is only available in this collection!

Bonus Scenario – The Hoodlums: In Worcester, Massachusetts, during the summer of 1983, a group of high school friends breaks into an abandoned train station to smoke some weed, but when they hear a voice calling out for help from a drain in the floor, they begin a journey that will take them through the sewers beneath the city into the unseen world that lurks just beyond the shadows.


Under the Miskatonic Repository community content license, Call of Cthulhu fans can sell and share their own independently-created material on DriveThruRPG. If that appeals, check out the Miskatonic Repository Guidelines and free creator resources and start creating!

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Under the Miskatonic Repository community content license, Call of Cthulhu fans can sell and share their own independently-created material on DriveThruRPG. Ttles that achieve Electrum Best Seller status in PDF (251+ sales) are eligible to become Print-On-Demand. Here we're featuring all the titles currently available in physical print format in the Miskatonic Repository. There are many (and more being added each month), so we're splitting this post up into several parts - part A, part B, part C.


The Room with No Doors
M.T. Black (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 28 pages)

When Hannah Flynn buys a new house in Arkham, she encounters nothing but tragedy and misfortune. She hires the characters to investigate, and they uncover the grim history of the residence before confronting its nightmare secret!

By bestselling DM's Guild author M.T. Black.

Refractions of Glasston
Taylor University PWR Press, Sam Guinsatao, Carson Jacobs, T.R. Knight, Joy Lemont, Elijah Oates, Rayce Patterson, Emily Pawlowski, and J. Tucker White (Softcover, Premium Color Book, 46 pages)

A 1920s horror scenario tempered in northern Indiana. the result of a creative collaboration between the Professional Writing major at Taylor University, Upland IN and Chaosium Inc. The creators are all students at Taylor University. ENNIEs Judges' Spotlight Award winner 2020.

Elias Taylor Winters, the CEO of TWJ Co., discovered a secret to the glass-making process that finally put him above his long-standing competition: Ball Glass. Shattering expectations for such a small company in rural Indiana, Winters has put Glasston on the map. The town and its economy are booming. But not everything in Glasston is as it should be…


John Almack (Softcover, Premium Color Book, 21 pages)

In the latter half of the 21st century, humanity begins the colonization of space by establishing a permanent manned outpost on the rim of Shackleton Crater, at the lunar South Pole. But when contact with the previous crew is lost, it is now up to a new team of brave explorers to find out what happened...and why the moonbase has suddenly gone silent.

Moonglow is a short near-future scenario set on the moon.

The Pipeline: A Call of Cthulhu Scenario for the 1980s
Alex Guillotte (Softcover, Premium Color Book, 82 pages)

In the Fall of 1986, contact was lost with Exxon Pumping Station #31 near Telegraph Creek, BC Canada. The media reported that a radical environmental group called the North Wind sabotaged the facility, leading to the deaths of several Exxon employees and a number of civilian contractors. The official statement made it clear that all members of the North Wind were killed during the incident by a group of private security personnel hired by Exxon. Following the incident, the pipeline was shut down pending further investigation by the Canadian government and unnamed US agencies. The matter was soon forgotten by the public and no more was heard about The Pipeline Incident.... Until now.


The Highway of Blood: A Call of Cthulhu Scenario for the 1970s
Alex Guillotte, Ian Christiansen (Softcover, Premium Color Book, 21 pages)

You find yourselves in West Texas during one of the worst heatwaves the region has ever seen. You're driving along a stretch of lonely highway with the gas gauge edging slowly towards empty when you suddenly spot a sign that promises gas and maybe a cold drink! The Highway of Blood is set in 1975 and pays homage to the grindhouse movies of the time. For that reason, it is extremely deadly and gritty and is intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.

Little Torches
Heinrich D. Moore (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 60 pages)

This investigation features the Great Old One, Cthugha, and explores themes of isolation and alienation. It confronts Investigators with the question of what motivates one to keep battling the Cthulhu Mythos in the face of insurmountable hardship and indescribable nightmare.


Carousel of Fears
Bridgett Jeffries (Softcover, Premium and Standard Color Book, 70 pages)

Welcome to the Carcosa Carnival. We’re so happy that you’ve come to play with us. We’re going to have some good, funny times... A group of post-apocalyptic survivors seek supplies and their missing friends in an abandoned carnival. Once inside, the Investigators find themselves unable to leave. Their only chance for escape is to interact with the Carnival’s malicious, cruel and treacherous attractions in order to receive tickets to redeem upon exit.

Unfortunately, this Carnival is sentient, and it serves as an insanity inducing playground for an “unspeakable” Mythos deity. This modern day (post-apocalyptic) Call of Cthulhu scenario includes easy to follow rules to allow playtimes of 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours.

The Prisoner's Dilemma
T A Newman (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 56 pages)

A letter from an inmate at HMP Dartmoor Prison, Devonshire, England. A request for your forgiveness in the final days of a man’s life in exchange for a substantial reward for your time. Is this too good to be true?

Looking for survival horror TTRPG like no other . . . look no further. Take your players into the infamous HMP Dartmoor Prison and watch them run, hide, and fight to survive. This 1920s scenario is designed specifically to build tension and suspense in your game leading to a climax that forces the investigators to make a decision that will live with them for the rest of their lives. However long that will be.


Bouts of Madness Deck
Aaron Sinner, Todd Walden (55 cards)

A physical deck of 54 cards offering expanded bouts of madness for play with the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. Also available as PDF print-and-play version of the deck. Includes a full color and a black-and-white, low ink file for home printing.

Field of Screams
Al Smith (Softcover, Premium Color Book, 31 pages)

If you build it… THEY will come! In this baseball-themed Pulp Cthulhu scenario, investigators play members of the All Nations baseball team, a team comprised of players that have been shut out of the major leagues. Now, they’re barnstorming across the country, playing games in whatever small town will have them.

Now the owner has scheduled a game on a piece of land near a town that loves baseball. The only problem is that nobody in town wants to attend the game, because they all think that field is haunted by ghosts! The investigators are going to have to figure out what is going on with that field, and possibly, confront these evil spirits that threaten to ruin the baseball game! Little do the investigators know that these apparitions are not, in fact, ghosts, but actually something much worse. In fact, the problem may go much DEEPER than the investigators could ever expect… 


Good Vibes Only
Phaedra Florou, Stars Are Right (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 44 pages

...a Call of Cthulhu scenario that will put a smile on your face.

Come to a spiritual retreat the likes of which you've never seen before!

Of Sorrow and Clay
Graeme Patrick (Softcover, Premium Color Book, 40 pages)

Family is everything in the Appalachian Mountains. When everyone else turns their backs, they will be there, waiting. They may not like you. They may even hate you. But there is a loyalty to blood that runs deep in those black soiled hollers.

Of Sorrow & Clay delves deep into the history of an old Moonshiner, Carson Taft, and his family. At the ripe old age of 89 he has gone missing is the deep forests of James Holler in Kentucky. Telling his neighor Jack, that he is going to see his first wife Sadie who disappeared some 45 years earlier and never found. Carson himself is now missing a good few days now, and Jack has gathering the Carson's family and friends to help search the dark woods in hopes to find the old fool.

Created for a one-shot special mini series presented and run by Ain't Slayed Nobody, with Cam Collins from The Old Gods of Appalachia and Becca Scott from The Calyx as guest players. Written by Graeme Patrick winner of Chaosium's 2019 Cult of Chaos writers competition. Here's the first episode:



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The Curse of Black Teeth Keetes is our newest POD title in the Miskatonic Repository (released today!) and Viral is one of the best-selling (and fastest to Platinum status). 

Call of Cthulhu titles in the Miskatonic Repository that achieve Electrum Best Seller status in PDF (251+ sales) are eligible to become Print-On-Demand. Here we're featuring all the titles currently available in physical print format – there are many (and more being added each month), so we're splitting this post up into several parts - part Apart B, part C.

The Curse of Black Teeth Keetes
Perry Grosshans (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 31 pages)

Kingsport, June, 1933. The heroes are contacted by Old Cobb, a fisherman who claims to have found a waterlogged diary on a boat adrift at sea. The diary is from Howard Winchester, a well-known explorer and friend of the heroes, and describes the discovery of a mysterious island connected to a pirate known as John “Black Teeth” Keetes and a cache of South American gold. The last entry hints that Howard may be trapped on the island. Off to rescue their friend and find the pirate treasure, the heroes discover strange statues, crazed survivors, and a pirate cove that holds the real secret behind the island, and why it should never have been found in the first place…

A Pulp Cthulhu adventure set in the 1930s, and can be played as a one-shot or integrated into an existing campaign.

Viral: A Modern Call of Cthulhu Scenario
Alex Guillotte, Bud (Softcover and Hardcover, Premium Color Book, 124 pages)

Join Marco Proudfoot, host of the successful YouTube channel The Spektral Krew, as he and his fellow paranormal investigators journey to an island off the coast of Sicily to explore its very dark past. The only public information is a pixelated satellite map and a pile of redacted documents, but a little digging on the Dark Web has revealed something far more sinister. What better way to make their final push for one million subscribers than to stream their investigation live from the island! The Krew hopes to find evidence of the paranormal, but what they discover is so much more horrific than just orbs of dust and incoherent voices in the static.


Branches of Bone - A Viking Age Cthulhu Dark Ages Scenario
Michael Reid (Softcover, Premium Color Book, 40 pages)

Beleaguered chieftain Askr Yelloweye leads you and your impoverished clansmen to the rocky isle of Skógrbein, off the coast of Northumbria. Askr chases a vision from Freya, claiming she showed him a relic of Yggrdasil held in the heathens’ stone temple sitting upon Skógrbein. How far you believe your chieftain, who can say? But you know the people of these lands hold treasures in their temples.

A Cthulhu Dark Ages Scenario of Viking Age Survival-Horror.

Saturday the 14th
Sabrina Haenze (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 27 pages)

It's Saturday, June 14, 1980. Your crime scene team has been dispatched to Camp Shady Pines to investigate the bizarre deaths of the camp's counselors who had been preparing for the arrival of the campers next week. According to Shelly Peters, the sole survivor, the counselors were attacked and brutally hacked to death by a mysterious masked stranger. It's up to you and your team to find the truth, and fast, so the camp can open on time.


Nathan Pidde (Softcover, Premium Color Book, 18 pages)

Robert "Bobby" Armstrong, the kid in school that everyone likes, has gone missing. After discovering people have been disappearing for years, it's up to the investigators, Bobby's own classmates, to find out what is going on before he is lost forever. Overdue is a scenario set in the modern era and is designed to be run in one session. 

My Little Sister: A Call of Cthulhu Scenario
Paul Fricker (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 37 pages)

The investigators awaken to find themselves aboard a spaceship travelling away from Earth. How did they get here? The ship is not a safe environment, and the investigators face numerous challenges. As the investigators explore the ship, the players open sealed envelopes to reveal flashes of memory. Ultimately, through their suffering, they discover the truth. 


Al Smith (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 58 pages)

In modern Aylesbury, Massachusetts. a group of military veterans have wonderful lives. They have careers, marriages, families, and children. They left everything bad that has ever befallen them in the past, where it belongs. But now, a strange woman is watching them. She has been for some time. They just haven't noticed. You probably don't remember her, but she remembers them... and she is going to take everything that they have... starting with that nice little family...

Introductory scenario for Keepers and investigators interested in modern day adventures and “family” horror, like The Ring, Hereditary, Us, Midsommar, The Babadook, or The Witch, while also serving as a sort of sequel to the HP Lovecraft classic The Dunwich Horror.

Secret Santa
Thomas Newton (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 58 pages)

All I want for Christmas is you . . . We wish you a merry Christmas as you don your black tie and ballgowns to attend the Holmouth Museum of Antiquities fundraiser in celebrating the career of Dr Johnathon Breeze. As you hand over you secret santa present and take a glass of champagne you revel in the seasonal merriment until you realise you are stuck in the middle of a horrific plan for revenge using cosmic artifacts to bring the anti-claus himself to the party - Krampus! Can you survive the hunger of the beast, and the first born of Shub-Niggurath’s thousand young? Make your Christmas one to remember this year.


The Blasphemous Tome 8
Paul Fricker, Matthew Sanderson, Scott Dorward, Hannah Hobson, Greg Osborne, Graeme Patrick (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 56 pages)

The Blasphemous Tome is the semi-annual fanzine that The Good Friends of Jackson Elias create for Patreon backers of of their podcast. It contains articles about RPGs, horror films and weird fiction, not to mention plenty of sanity-blasting artwork and original content for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. 

Featured in this issue is a new Call of Cthulhu scenario by The Good Friends of Jackson Elias's very own Scott Dorward, entitled “Night Bus”.

The Blasphemous Tome 9
Scott Dorward, Paul Fricker, Matthew Sanderson, Hilary Van De Burg, Andrew Edward, Nicolas Jovanovic, Anthony Lee-Dudley, Gaspard du Nord, Ian Scanlon (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 48 pages)

Featured in this issue is a new Call of Cthulhu scenario by The Good Friends of Jackson Elias's very own Paul Fricker, entitled “Step Into My Parlour”.

The Blasphemous Tome 10
Scott Dorward, Paul Fricker, Matthew Sanderson, John Hagan, Gaspard du Nord, Greg Osborne (Softcover, Standard Color Book, 56 pages)

Featured in this issue is a new Call of Cthulhu scenario by The Good Friends of Jackson Elias's very own Matt Sanderson, entitled “Educement”.

Want to take part in the Miskatonic Repository Program yourself?

Miskatonic Repository Logo

Whether you share your content for free or put it up for sale, this program is a digital home for terror that joins the dreamscapes of all who peruse it.

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