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Running a Valentines day adventure next week - any tips?


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Hey friends, I'm plotting a Valentines day romantic adventure for my party next week. My players are all members of a Sartarite clan who have recently settled in Dragon Pass, near Beast Valley.

My current thinking is to run some sort of whimsical adventure the revolves around love. Ideas I have so far are getting two spirits or ghosts to fall in love, helping a heretic dwarf run away to his beloved, stuff like that. I want the primary romantic agents to be NPCs with the players helping them. 

Another idea I had was to run a sort of festival like Pegasus plateau with interesting NPCs and games. If I did, what sort of games/challenges might be interesting to win renown at the festival?
Either way, I want to introduce a cast of interesting NPCs for my player characters to consider as marriage options after the session too, like Pegasus plateau again.


So if you have any advice for running a whimsical valentines adventure, or a festival, let me know!





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Apart from the title scenario in Pegasus Plateau, you could raid the festival casts from Applefest (on the Jonstown Compendium) or Melisande’s Hand (from RQ3’s Sun County). Plenty of whimsical folk and incidents there.

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