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Clans of Balazar

Stephen L

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The Gloranthan Classics version has a Clans of Balazar (p20) - I don't think it's in the original.

I transcribed it to a table, for ease of reference.  If anyone else finds it useful here it is.


Clans are either marked as Ally or enemy, the degree of animosity on a scale of 1 (dislike) to 6 (unreasoning rancor) as detailed in the original.

Note the difference between the specific "citadel clan" and the wider "all residents of a citadel" (which is the rightmost 3 columns).

Note also that's it not reflective - the active works by row.  So if I want to know how friendly someone from the Brown Boar clan is likely to be, I read across their row, noting for example, that they're hostile to the Impala clan (but the Impala clan a neutral towards them).


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