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Teleport Dilemma


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According to the letter of the rules it would be possible to cast the Teleport spell (pg 100 BRP) on an opponent sending them 1km up into the sky and causing a fatal fall. On a SIZ 12 opponent this would require 4 pps. Casting a 2d6 Blast spell would probably not be fatal but would cost 6 pps.

This is clearly not in the spirit of the rules unless I've missed something.

Any suggestions, revelations and guru-like pronouncements gratefully received.


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Since the Teleport spell transports the victim to "another place", I would rule

that this means that the victim has to materialize on solid ground, and not in

midair. This would leave a teleportation of the victim into something solid as

the only real combat use of the spell, and I think the rules for this are good

enough (3 power points per level, POW resistance roll and Luck roll).

"Mind like parachute, function only when open."

(Charlie Chan)

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