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RuneQuest trigger words

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Moved over from the Elmal/Yelmalio trigger word post

21 hours ago, David Scott said:

All of these topics usually produce an outburst of posts about who, how, why and this is the way, etc.

For RuneQuest, add:

  • Slings vs Bows
  • Charge Rules
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5 hours ago, Bill the barbarian said:

Javelin prices


I remember planning a whole industry on the basis of Javelin prices and ways to make the Clan rich.. in the end we went with wool.. 

Not so much a trigger word as a disappointment 

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9 hours ago, Agentorange said:

Gratuitous female nudity.

though that might be more of a Gloranthen thing than Runequest........

Oddly, that mostly isn't, I think.

There's the Minoan-esque topless/fertility thing in Esrolia, of course (and Ernaldan stylings that sometimes follow the Esrolian model elsewhere).
Sedenya is sometimes shown nude (or scantily-garbed).
And Uleria, obviously.

Mostly(*) the rest of Gloranthan art notably DOESN'T pursue "gratuitous female nudity."  And for Esrolia, Ulerians, and Sedenya, it seems to me not actually "gratuitous."


(*) e.g. there's the cover of Foes, and a few other pieces.  But they stand out as unusual.

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2 hours ago, Godlearner said:

I am all for Gratuitous nudity of all types.

I'm of two minds about it.

On the one hand, the grown up in me doesn't see anything wrong with nudity in the contexts that RGQ has been showing it... Usually in religious observances, usually with height/weight appropriate women, usually having to do with fertility and motherhood. And those depictions are appropriate for the Bronze Age theme of the game. And God knows it's an improvement over bimbo-wear of the past.

On the other, I'm trying to teach my 12 year old grand-niece that she doesn't have to be pretty to succeed, that she doesn't have to use her gender/sexuality to manipulate people, and that she is a wonderful whole person, not just an appearance.

RQG has done a pretty good job, but not a great job, at portraying women as full participants in society... equal to men in every single way... but the tropes are still there. Boob armor, for example. It's there because it's expected to be there. But I've known women in the SCA who fought with 'boob plate' of stainless steel and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of them said it was a huge mistake. Somebody swatting you upside the mammaries hurts like all get out. So not only does the art over-sexualize the female warrior, it's tactically wrong as well!

I'm not trying to be prudish or wag my finger at anyone here. If my table was full of adult women, this would be less of an issue. But we, all of us, are trying to make RQ good for everyone, from tween to grognard, and I honestly think this needs to be looked at.

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13 hours ago, svensson said:

I'm of two minds about it.

Societal rules differ and we all have our own standards of what is acceptable.I am the judge what is acceptable in my games and generally resent outside body to set the standard.

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Trigger words, eh?

Keltic/Sino/Indus/Sumerian/Viking/Meso-American/Mycenaean/Anglo-Saxon/Hittite/Ad Infinitum

Choose yer poison! 

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... remember, with a TARDIS, one is never late for breakfast!

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4 hours ago, Godlearner said:

Societal rules differ and we all have our own standards of what is acceptable.I am the judge what is acceptable in my games and generally resent outside body to set the standard.

n.b. the "standard" is set -- for us, here -- by what Chaosium publishes; that's pretty much the definition of "standard" with regard to RQ.  😉

So you've got to put up with Chaosium's standard, and unless you work there... they're an "outside body!"  🤡

But of course "YGWV" so you can adjust your world to avoid your own triggers, as do all the rest of us with ours.  I don't think anyone in this thread has ever said anyone should do anything other than that...?   🧐

It's just some grognards listing some of the "triggers" that have set off flamewars (both recent and ancient).   🙄

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