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Error in Attack and Defense Matrix


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just a quick question: the error in the A&D Matrix regarding special successes is a known issue?

The rules say Special Successes do normal weapon damage, where the matrix shows maximum damage should be applied.

I've never seen the error as I never used the chart until last week - and some of the files in the DL section did copy this 'error'. Now I'm unsure wether the chart is wrong, or the rules?! :?

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Meh. Reading the official Errata helped:

p193 - Attack and Defense Matrix

Definition of the term “FULL DAMAGE”. The term “full damage” crops up several times in the Attack & Defense Matrix. Precisely, it refers to “the damage which that type of attack would normally do”. It is not the same as “maximum damage”: a Greatsword “full damage” would be 2D8 on a normal success, 2D8 bleeding damage on a special success, and 16 damage ignoring armor on a critical success. Damage bonus in all cases is rolled and added afterwards. (Source: Jason, added by Sarah)

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