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First Salvo for next Chapter

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These are the initial handouts for the third and final part of my Berlin CoC game dealing with events from 1st January 1920 to the aftermath of the Kapp Putsch in March 1920 which I have called the Nyarlathotep Rag

Berlin is sliding into chaos, sinister forces appear to be manipulating the increasingly tense political situation, the Spanish Flu seems to have appeared again, there is a new narcotic drug doing the rounds that sends people mad, the same man seems to have provoked a riot and a bloodbath outside the Reichstag and possibly worst of all Union Berlin beat Hertha in the local football derby..

In the background, every  Wednesday Nyarlathotep plays Ragtime in Liebe und Tod, an illegal cellar bar off Landsberger Straße in Mitte. Admission is free to those who know the secret knock or can arm wrestle the bouncer into submission. 

BZ New Year Contagion 3-1-20.jpg

BZ Contagion spreads 5-1-20.jpg

Tageblatt ToV 10-1-20.jpg

National Zeitung 14-1-20.jpg

RF 14-1-20.jpg

Berliner Zeitung 15-1-20.jpg

BZ Q re 13J 15-1-20.jpg

BZ Who 15-1-20.jpg

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