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Has anyone statted out a Chimera

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It doesn't ring a bell. But to take a quick stab at it...

Wikipedia: "Hesiod and Apollo Dorus gave similar descriptions: a three-headed creature with a lion in front, a fire-breathing goat in the middle, and a serpent in the rear."

Stat it as a Lion (or a super-lion) as the first stab, and then add an extra fire-breathing attack similar to a dragon (aimed at whoever it wishes), and then cap it off with an additional venomous snakebite attack (high skill, low-ish damage but enough to potentially penetrate period armor but probably not armor+shield, but any damage that penetrates may cause venom damage) that cannot attack the same guy as the lion front. Give some extra magical armor, maybe some extra HP and damage, and hey presto, you have one terrifying monster.

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