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ME Conversion?

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In the Not So Deep™ past there was a Middle-Earth conversion for Pendragon floating about the web. I was hoping that it was in the Downloads section here, but am not seeing it.

Anyone out there know if its still out there?


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1 hour ago, Morien said:

Might not be exactly what you were looking for, but hopefully helpful:

https://greathall.chaosium.com/Pendragon Forum Archive/index.php/t-2839.html

And yes, I know you are one of the original commentators on that thread, but in case you didn't bookmark it or something. 🙂 And it is another Forum ago.

That is probably what I was remembering when I conducted my look-see in the downloads section! Thanks much!

The actual search began though based upon a thread I had saved from RPGNet in 2012, and the thread itself was about a year and a half older. Same thread talks about some of the early attempts at a Japanese game.


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