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Do you get a Heroic Effort Roll to use a Limb Reduced to Zero Hit Points?


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The Damage and Hit Locations rules on pages 204-205 don't allow for a heroic effort roll (CONx1) when a limb is reduced to zero hit points but hasn't received more than double the locations hit points in damage.

However, the rules state that you would get a heroic effort roll if the limb received more than double its hit points in damage. Which is a more severe wound.

Is this an oversight?

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I doubt that a heroic effort would make much sense in such a situation. A limb

reduced to zero hit points almost certainly means serious damage to bones, ten-

dons and muscles, and in this case no effort of will can cause the damaged limb

to function, only magic or Hollywood pseudo-reality could do it.

"Mind like parachute, function only when open."

(Charlie Chan)

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Hi Silent Bob -

The rules sound incorrect to me. When we played RQ back in the day it went something like this:

- Chest or Head at 0 HP to almost negative = Knocked out

- Abdomen or Leg at 0 HP to almost negative = CONx1 to walk

- Arm at 0 HP to almost negative = CONx1 to fight using it

- Chest, Head or Abdomen at negative HP = Dead

- Arm or Leg at negative HP = maimed and unusable limb

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