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Feel good story


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Here's a little feel good story for you:

I've mentioned the players in my campaign before, and how all of them were new to BRP/RQ before our last campaign.

One of them in particular is relatively new to roleplaying, having done it for about 4 years now. Besides our RQ game, he's played WFRP 2nd, Vampire, and D&D4.

Last night he e-mailed me to ask for a blank copy of the character sheet we use for our game. He said we wants to run a game for some friends. When I promped him further, he said he's going to introduce two of his friends to roleplaying. He wants to use the Warhammer world but the BRP system because he finds it less restrictive than WFRP.

Quote: "On top of that this will be the first real game for my players so i want them to see a pretty damn good system."

And so the wheel turns... :)

"Tell me what you found, not what you lost" Mesopotamian proverb



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