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Six Seasons Question


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Warning: Spolier alert: This post discusses a key event that happens in Six Seasons in Sartar.


In Chap 9, when the characters enter the inner portion of the temple and reach Area 8, they find a book with bronze pages and a crystalline cylinder that glows. (p. 103) On p. 104, there is a reference to Kallyr inspecting both items, but they don't seem to be mentioned at all after that. Unless I've overlooked something, the text just forgets about these items. What are they? 


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In terms of the book, note: "The spirit hovers over the bronze book. From these pages will you learn the location of the other stolen pieces of my spirit. You will gather these, and when this is done I will come to you with my decision."

I'm not sure if explicitly noted, but presumably these give clues to locations of the other parts of the spirit in the subsequent book, Company of the Dragon. 

As for the cylinder, I've not found in the two subsequent volumes, but may have missed a reference.

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On 6/7/2023 at 1:27 PM, jajagappa said:

As for the cylinder, I've not found in the two subsequent volumes, but may have missed a reference.

On 6/7/2023 at 10:59 AM, Bohemond said:

crystalline cylinder that glows

I also was wondering this last week about the cylinder, (I just got the book myself 2 weeks ago) I thought possibly it's simply left as something a GM is able to create as a future plot hook, a scroll case, possibly a map to an adamantium column in a cave complex the Gold Learners were looking to exploit (Rainbow Mounds as an idea?) maybe it's a scroll with an immortality spell but the case could not be opened without knowing an verse in Auld Wyrmish which needs to be discovered? It might be left intentionally vague/blank and lets us place any number of plot hooks into the series.

Good stuff!

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Has anyone used The Crystal Egg of the True King in their campaigns? It's supposed to be in Dragon's Eye but may be fun for the PC's to find it...

It sort of fits into the Six Seasons - Company of the Dragon as a substitute for the cylinder in the EWF Temple which it seems, doesn't have an explanation besides its a crystalline cylinder the size of a medium amphora with gray metal caps in which swirls a weird green-blue light

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