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Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine is a Platinum best seller - thank you for your support of the new edition!

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Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine is a Platinum best seller at DriveThruRPG!

This is our new edition of Basic Roleplaying aka BRP—the same core system that powers Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Pendragon, Rivers of London, and countless others. 

With BRP you can build the game you want — with mechanics for magic, psychic powers, mutations, superpowers, weapons, equipment, and vehicles applicable to any setting and genre, Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine is adaptable to any world of your choosing: either previously established, or created from scratch.

Furthermore, with this new edition BRP's Universal Engine is available royalty-free for personal and commercial use under the Open RPG Creative license, aka ORC license. Use these rules, and focus on creating your worlds, scenarios and even books to sell!

Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine is also available at Chaosium.com, with a print version coming in October.

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