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Advanced Fighting Fantasy and BRP


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Basically, has anyone BRPized it?

A recent thread on rpg.net about it (AFF) made me curious enough to investigate. It has a setting called Titan, which looks like a very playable S&S setting. The rules are very basic (somewhat beefed up from the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks but still very simple). It would be a simple matter to expand it into a more involved system such as BRP (the stats are Skill, Stamina, and Luck). Or, STR, DEX, INT, then CON, then POW. Fiddle a bit under the hood and you have a very good setting with a very good (so I hear) bestiary that would be a snap to convert on the fly. There would be some conversion work, and someone on a thread at rpg.net suggested replacing the simple 2D6 plus Skill mechanic with a system of choice. So I was wondering, does this sound interesting or even vaguely doable to anyone?

Besides me?:P

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I was considering it recently... the game I'm running for my friends' kids got started when I loaned them some of my old FF books. We ran through them together and they liked them so I figured we'd graduate on to BRP.

We could have continued in the same world as FF, but I don't have the Titan book and figured it would be just as easy to use my homebrew setting.

Still, It wouldn't be hard to have Titan be one of the worlds they can get to... through magic portals... I've already had them meet visitors from Aarklash (Rackham's setting for Cadwallon).

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Did you know Titan is being republished, and is due out next month? Along with Out of the Pit and Dungeoneer (with slightly reworked rules). You can find the pre-order page on Cubicle 7's site now.

Anyway, how would you go about it? I started reading up on Titan on Titannica, the online AFF wiki, and it strikes me as a made to order setting for some major BRP goodness like Stormbringer. Plus they are apparently reprinting the original artwork.


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Was this a large book with dragons or other denziens on the cover. An orange-red background?

I'm sure I had this book...

" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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