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Best Way to Implement 'Ships as Characters'?

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I'm gearing up for a Firefly QuestWorlds game for a convention in the fall, and I like the idea of a ship having its own abilities and flaws. The Serenity in Firefly and the Enterprise in Star Trek are both examples where I feel like the ship deserves special attention.
I am considering a simplified stat block for ships with fewer abilities than characters. Here's an example:


Name: The Eclipse
Blockade Runner 17
— Laser Canons +1
— Decoy/Chaff (launch to confuse enemy sensors) +1
— Twin Engines +1
Hidden Compartments 13
Flaws: Old Ship (Constant Need for Maintenance) 17


I am conflicted about how you'd roll for the ship and also roll for the character operating the ship.
One idea is to roll for the ship's ability and use the PC's skill as an augment. Or you could do the reverse. But since augments aren't rolled, it would remove the benefit of one or the other of the stat blocks rated since you don't roll for augments.
Another approach is to have the ship's abilities not be rated, and they would only be used as an automatic augment when it made narrative sense.
Yet another idea is to re-introduce the mechanic from prior editions of having to roll to see if the augment happens.
Any thoughts on how to approach all this? Thanks in advance!
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I would leave the full stats because you never know when you might use them. For example, a virus might be introduced to the ship's system and try to disable its defenses. In that case you'll probably roll the virus ability to infiltrate, directly against the ship, or its system stat.

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11 hours ago, Ali the Helering said:

I would do it the other way round, with the 'bridge' and 'away' folk as supporting characters

We assumed that supporting crew were part of the keyword, although I'm pretty sure at one point we added a better pilot as a breakout (I wasn't running the ship so I don't have the card). We did give the crew names though (like a +0 breakout).

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