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Urban fantasy for BRP?

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Use Call of Cthulhu... CoC already has stats for vampires and werewolves.

Ditch the official Mythos and insert your own... steal one from another game/book/movie.

Borrow elements from other BRP sources.

Get Delta Green... cross out 'Mi Go' and write 'Elves' in crayon.

The 'Agents of the Crown' monograph might be useful for Victorian urban fantasy... or infusing that baroque flavor into a modern setting...

Myself... I'd like a BRP supplement based on Jeff Vandermeer's 'Ambergris' setting.

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I need a setting with maybe some adventures or adventures I can just convert over. I need ideas.

"Serpent Moon" and the "GM's Companion" for Nephilim might be adaptable - the former is a set of "loosely" linked scenarios, the later has the San Francisco Bay area circa the mid-nineties written up as a campaign setting for Nephilim. The game itself is technically BRP and "modern occult" but a long way in feel from a typical o/nWoD or Buffy-verse game...

The Nocturnum campaign for Call of Cthulhu from Fantasy Flight Games is a good starting point. As written it is very bleak and tough to survive, but it is set in the modern era and although ostensibly a Mythos campaign it's very easy to remove the mythos elements. Plus, the various scenarios in the campaign could all be adapted to either stand alone or other uses.



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