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Grimoire supplement vs. Magic supplement


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Well from what I understand the Magic supplement is its own magic system (the RQIII system) you can use instead of the one in the BRP core book.

Grimore I understand is just an expansion on the Magic and Sorcery system in the BRP core book and doesn't have anything to do with the RQIII-style magic.

But I could have gotten it all wrong! :P

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Right here Tywyll says regarding Grimoire

Yes, I included all the magic systems for BRP (Magic, Sorcery) as well as the magic systems included in Basic Magic (i.e. the old Spirit Magic, RQ Sorcery, and Divine Magic).

So it looks like Grimoire is a superset of Magic, but possibly more liberally interpreted. Its unclear whether there will be value in having both.

EDIT: unless Grimoire only has expansions for Basic Magic. I guess ask over in Tywyll's thread.

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I only know what the new Magic books has in it from what Zomben said, but it sounds like a light reworking of the old RQ3 magic systems which were presented in the Basic Magic monograph. These are brought up to date to new rules in the gold book, but essentially unchanged.

I know more about the Grimoire, as I was one of the playtesters.

The Grimoire contains lists of new spells for all six magic systems (BRP Magic, BRP Sorcery, Spirit Magic, Divine Magic, Ritual, and Wizardry, as it is now called). It also contains many other things that expand on the systems, such as 'masteries' for the Magic system and familiar rules. In theory, it doesn't overlap on the Magic book at all, but expands on all the systems and provides some options. It also expands on the making of magic items and has some samples.

I should caution that the Grimoire has been submitted to Chaosium as a monograph. To my knowledge it hasn't been reviewed and approved yet, so content is liable to change at this point.

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