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Colymar Lineal Ancestry

Grey Hat

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8 minutes ago, Grey Hat said:

Can anyone tell me if the Colymar tribe is multilineal or any of the other. Please include the source material.

Sources: RQG GM Screen package Colymar Adventure Book, King of Sartar: Jalk's Book, HQ2 Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, and most importantly what I can recall without actually looking at these sources right now:

The Colymar entered Dragon Pass as a single clan "around 1300" in 1317 or 1318 upon the defeat of the King of Heortland against Belintar, or upon his return a year after he was slain by Belintar. The clan prospered, and split into six clans forming the Colymar tribe. Several of these clans were led by descendants of Colymar and Hareva, others weren't. One of the initial six clans was destroyed around 1350 when the Second Wave clans and tribes entered the Stream Valley.

Other clans which had settled north of Tarndisi's grove joined the tribe (making it multilineal if it had not been previously), starting with the Hiordings and the Karandoli, a warlike clan also in the neighborhood which had started the Taral War (IIRC, might have been the Zarran War first) which involved one of the two triaties in the northern parts of the Colymar lands (as of prior to 1613), the Hyaloring or Runegate triaty and the Tree Brothers triaty. Both triaties each lost the integrity of one clan, which then was rebuilt by some of the original Colymar clans "lending" Colymar-descended nobility to that clan. A similar fate befell the Karandoli clan after it had started in strength (even fielding the sixth, IIRC, king of the Colymar shortly after joining the tribe). At least two more individual clans joined the tribe during these troubles, the Varmandi and the Jenstali, all in the northern portion of the tribal lands.

Little is known about the origins of the Hiording clan other than the "heroic" tale of its founder Hiord stealing and hiding the swan garment of his later wife who enjoyed a skinny dip in human shape. After she had given him a few heirs, she somehow retrieved her swan garment and returned to her beastmen kin, IIRC.

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1 minute ago, Grey Hat said:

Messed up trying to edit the OP. I’ll repeat it again. Is the Colymar tribe matrilineal, patrilineal or multilineal?

The Ernaldori priestesshood of the Clearwine temple uses matrilocality and matrilineality while the majority of the Colymar practice patrilocality and patrilineality.

At least some of the Hiording nobility trace their origin to Hiord, suggesting patrilineality.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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