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Operation Ulysses - out now!


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OK, here we go.

Withour READING anything, this is a awesome Monograph. Lots of b/w artwork, most of it of high quality. Not fancy like SW, Pathfinder or such, but I really like it and it helps a lot to set the mood!

The text formatting is very good as well. Nearly no blank areas, all nicely done in 2 column style.

Massive bestiary, robots and NPCs. And they are done very well. Not simply by using "Super Powers" to describe them, no, the enemies are described in a way I love it: simply stats and then a text section with Powers and Special stuff. Excellent!

After that I see the Equipment section. Lots of pictures here as well, mainly weapons, weapons weapons. Cool!

Then comes a section of aliens. Same here: pictures, pictures pictures. Woosh!

The Adventure seems huge, the Ulysses is a big ship (Deck plans included), every room described by a text paragraph.

The adventure looks to take place on a planet surface as well. Again: pictures and maps here.

All in all: an excellent -or should I say awesome- first impression!


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So is it more of a scenario book or a setting book? Any chance of someone doing a review at some point?

It is a scenario book with a roughly described setting. Should not be too hard to implement it into an other setting. On the other hand, there is so much good material in the book, that is is a good start for a Space Opera sandbox game. :P

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Would this be good for a Traveller sort of adventure?

I would say 'Yes' as it does not include any rules or variations of them. The GM is completele left on his own to do the Character creation and which rules and options he wants to use. Which is a good thing in my opinion. You are very versatile, can use Magic, Psionics, etc if you like - or skip them. Because there are no needs to use them.

If you need a character creation process and some Sci-Fi professions you could use mine from the 2300AD conversion - so you get characters with the skills needed in this adventure.

Or come up with something completely different.

The material provided in the adventure is such a lot, that you could call it a complete setting. Only missing is a history and character creation rules. Weapons, armour, equipment and vehicles, etc is provided. Nothing you need to create or provide on your own.

So, yes, you can use it as a Traveller like setting if you add these two missing parts.

Technology level it is like Star Wars and Star Trek. Space Opera, nice and easy, not too much tech everywhere, everything is reasonable. Could do Event Horizon, Pitch Black, Earth II, Pandorum, etc.

And there is a second part coming ... :)

Playing this Adventure will be a long campaign, nothing for three or four sessions, more like 12 to 15 and it leaves enough ideas to continue after it on your own.

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