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BLOOD & BADGES - and Other Adventures for Basic Roleplaying

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blood-and-badges.jpgBlood and Badges contains the 9 winning entries for the 2010 BRP Adventure Contest:

• I Sette Magnifici Bastardi by Kevin Ross (spaghetti western)

• Blood and Badges by Jon Hook (western horror)

• The Goblin Hoss by Kevin Scrivner (western horror)

• In the Frozen Darkness by R.J. Christensen (fifties horror)

• Out with a BANG by Tom Lynch (cyberpunk)

• The Haunted Bridge by Rich LeDuc (fantasy)

• Company Town: Stepchildren of the Night by Mike Czaplinski (humorous conspiracy)

• From Pagania with Hate by Marko Ercegovi’c “Streebor” (medieval horror)

• The Prison of Outlaws by Simon Yee (dystopian alternate history)

132 pages. Published by Chaosium June 2011.

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