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Is the Sidekick power Broken


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It seems to me that the sidekick power as its described is somewhat broken. Especially when compared to the original superworld version where every point the main character spend on having a sidekick gave the sidekick 3 points to spend on their Characteristics, skills and powers.

I'd be inclined to run the sidekick with the following extra points:

1) It's assumed that it is a points based build so the sidekick gets a basic value of 10 in each characteristic.

2) the sidekick gets 2 Characteristic/power points for every point that spent on the sidekick.

2) Grant the sidekick 1/5th the number of skill points that a normal character would have.

Any thoughts on this?

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I've been playing with a few builds, and Now that I have I'd say that the only missing assumption is that you should start with the sidekick having all Characteristics at 10 (as per the point based build system). There seems no need to multiply points after that, and the final cost of the sidekick remains reasonable for what they can do.

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