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Write something for them. Chaosium are a publishing house - the vast majority of their output is content created by freelancers, and in a lot of cases came about because some one pitched an idea to Chaosium. Whilst they are clearly doing what they can to get BRP material out there, the can't publish material if they don't have it.

I am, I'm admittedly obsessed about it. they accepted a proposal for a Monograph--this thing was originally accepted by Necromancer Games for D&D 3.5, but 4e threw some complications up (and after looking at that set of rules I have to confess that I'm glad). I would have hated to write something for a system I'll never play. Officially Necromancer has me 'on hold' but I think that's a good enough excuse to get out.

Dustin actually suggested I get a license from them (which I would love) but I don't think that's in the realm of the possible just yet. There is so much material I have that I want to contribute-- I really want to see BRP takes it's place on the shelves next GURPS, Hero System, and whatever other 'generic' systems are out there.

Minor Omission:

Page 48, the skill list by category table should list Perform as having specific specialties.

I agree that it's way too soon for fans to be asking for 2nd edition, but it's a good idea to start looking at the text now, for areas where it could be improved. So when that 2nd edition time comes around there will be a supply of fresh ideas and perspectives to consider.

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."

"When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking."

~Albert Einstein~

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Write something for them. Chaosium are a publishing house - the vast majority of their output is content created by freelancers

Yes but what with Lynn not working at Chaosium any longer? Who reads submissions nowadays?

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Yes but what with Lynn not working at Chaosium any longer? Who reads submissions nowadays?

I suspect that is one reason why things have been somewhat delayed at Chaosium this last quarter actually.

William Jones was officially announced as "...an Assistant RPG Line Developer, Staff Writer, and a Fiction Line Editor." Dustin Wright handles "Sales & marketing" and his bio at Chaosium makes specific mention of Monograph submissions. They have also been using freelance editors for specific projects, but that's not worked out well, as I believe at least two projects have been or are currently delayed due to editors dropping out and having to be replaced.

I think (hope!) one of the things Chaosium is trying to address at present is the lack of internal editing resources...



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Just a few things I've noticed and wondered about...

  • The thief, criminal and entertainer occupations don't list the skill 'Slight of hand' - an omission perhaps?

  • A dagger is inferior to a knife (same HP and does less minimum damage) - was dagger damage intended to be 1D4+2?

  • A javelin does the same damage as a dart (1D6) and requires a strength of 9 to wield effectively - should this be 1D8 or 1D10

  • A flail is less effective than a blackjack (1D6 damage compared with 1D8) - should flail damage be 1D6+2 perhaps?

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in the spot rules under Big and Little Tagets it states that the attacker adds + 5% for every 10 SIZ the target is above SIZ 30.Then in the example is says the bonus to hit a SIZ 60 target is +30%. Shouldnt it be +15% to hit a SIZ 60 target? either that or the bonus is actually +10% for every 10 SIZ above 30?

Or are you totaling up the entire size score in increments of 10, if its above 30?....like a SIZ 40 target would be +20% to hit? CoC just states that its +5% for every 10 SIZ above SIZ 30.....so im still thinking a SIZ 60 target is +15% to hit.

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Looks like a typo to me, but I'm unsure it the +5% is wrong or the example.

Something at SIZ 30 is about 400kg, SIZ 60 about 4,5 tons. My judgement would be the example is right, so the bonus would be +10% for each 10 points of size above SIZ 30.

This only works, if the weight to heigh ratio is somewhat comparable, so that the 4,5 ton thing is about 9 times larger than the 400kg thing - which would be huge.

The simplified rule (if it's double your size, then add +20%) is probably the more elegant way to do it.

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