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Basic Roleplaying Publications and Links

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Basic Roleplaying is a one of the more recent editions of Chaosium's d100 roleplaying game system. A big, generic toolbox able to handle any setting, the great "Golden Book" is now OOP, but still available as a PDF. The following is a list of products for this Basic Roleplaying system still in regular sale, in electronic or dead tree form. Full supplements from Chaosium on top, followed by The Laundry supplements from Cubicle 7 and then the BRP monographs below. BRP links at the bottom.

Basic Roleplaying supplements

The Laundry



BRP Links:


Please post it in this thread if you find a Basic Roleplaying publication or link missing from this list!

Note that to keep this thread focused on the product and link list, all but the latest posts will be hidden after they have been responded to.

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Lords of Tarsa and After the Vampire Wars are missing. Both are a peculiarity.


I'm pretty sure Lords of Tarsa used to be on this list but seems to have disappeared. Curiously, it is also missing from the Chaosium site, but still available in pdf and softcover at drivethru:


And as discussed in another forum, After the Vampire Wars is temporary until this gencon softcover, special edition has sold out and/if the revised edition comes out.


Also, anyone know why Mission to Epsilon is not available in pdf?

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Not quite sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but does anyone know what the thought process is, or may be, regarding the absence of several Chaosium titles/products from drivethrurpg? Or whether there is any chance PDF products will eventually filter out to third party online retailers?

I'm not too keen on purchasing directly from Chaosium given their past track record (online store security failings and then losing all records of past digital download purchases during their web portal upgrade). I know a lot of people hear different things here, so I hoped someone might know.

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Different Chaosium titles are not on DTRPG for a variety of reasons, ranging from not having the time to place them there yet, to no longer having the rights to sell them. If there is a specific title you want to know about, please ask. We have over 100 titles on DTRPG and I do not have the history for every title (being there/not being there) memorized. It could be as simple as someone forgot to add it three years ago and nobody noticed.

As for you not being keen to purchase directly from Chaosium, I understand and respect your reasons. However, I do want to reassure people that we have invested a lot in website data security for our new website, and take record keeping very seriously. The problems from pre-2014 are due to the previous management. The new Chaosium takes our website, its data, and its security very seriously. We are working very diligently on many fronts to re-earn and maintain our customer's trust. 

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1 hour ago, Hionhurn said:

Is there any chance that the RINGWORLD RPG will ever be made available in PDF or even a reprint ?

Not until/unless Chaosium gets permission from Larry Niven.  Chaosium AFAIK isn't allowed to sell or distribute this in any form, at this time. 

I have no idea how much it would cost, how amenable Niven would be to renewing it, etc etc etc.

Similarly for Elfquest and Moorcock's Eternal Champion.

Those licenses haven't been with Chaosium for decades.

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On 4/13/2020 at 11:13 AM, Hionhurn said:

Is there any chance that the RINGWORLD RPG will ever be made available in PDF or even a reprint ?

There's a chance, but all of the rights to do that are tied up at the moment. We can't publish or reprint anything for Ringworld until the rights are available and we could get the license again.

NOTE: Chaosium only lost the license because a film company wanted ALL of the rights to Ringworld for their project (which never materialized).

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