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9 hours ago, Keeper J said:

Howdy. I'm new to the forum and BRP. I like the system and I see that according to https://www.chaosium.com/brp-system-reference-document/ creators can create their own games or adventures using BRP. Can someone answer my questions?

1. I want a rules-lite world/game/adventures. Can I select which rules and mechanics I want to use from BRP and establish that as my base? Or would I need to just use the Quick Start if I want it to remain rules-lite?

2. If I'm correctly understanding all I've read about BRP being an OGL, then I assume I can create my own world, monsters, and whatnot. Is there someone who I can reach out to to confirm my creations are not going to be "too similar" and fall under the Prohibited list of things not allowed (see link above)?

3. I see that BRP is listed as a system on DrivethruRPG. Are there any restrictions or guidelines for uploading my created adventures and campaigns? (For example, I know CoC has Miskatonic Repository for its community created content with its own Guidelines for submissions.)

4. Any other standards, guidelines, or formatting/style guides I need to be aware of? Or perhaps tips, pointers, or sage advice from someone who's navigated this path before? 

Thanks so much.

Note that the "Big Gold Book" edition of BRP is not AFAIK covered by Chaosium's OGL, only the material in the SRD is.
But you're free to edit the (already rather spare & "rules-lite"!) SRD to further "liten" it.

So long as you avoid CoC, RQ, and Pendragon (and RoL & LotMS, when they come out), you should be in the clear.  But also -- anything that really is sufficiently-like an existing IP that someone's protecting, is something to avoid!

Kabouter Games' "Toxandria" is already published under the BRP-SRD OGL:
They would likely be your sagest advisor (if they're willing).

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Hi there,

Only the link to BRP and a couple of others in the first post work for me. The rest are 404 page not found. Are any of the items linked to in the first post available somewhere else. I don't know what might be going on as regards licensing to the like, so maybe these things just aren't available for some reason. If so, I'm not trying to get round anything like that.

I can see a few DrivethruRPG links which I've glanced at. What I would really like is some scenarios set in a Byzantium-like setting. Is there anywhere I can buy such things? I saw something about 9th century Iceland which looks interesting, but I'd prefer a fantasy version of 9th century Mediterranean setting. 

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