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Fan sites:Simplequest.jpg

Colin Brett's Home Page – Middle earth conversion & scenarios.

Zozer Game Design – Warlords of Alexander & others.

Fire & Sword – Blog for Raymon Turney's RPG system

Dale's RPG Page - Homebrew d100 system

OpenQuest - A simplified d100 system in the making.


Goblinoid Games - Generic Old-school Role-playing Engine

Berlin '61 - 3rd party GORE product.

Perrin's World of Wonder - Steve Perrin's Quest Rules.

Message group:

d100glorantha - Group for creating cross-system d100 rules.

Fan sites:stormbringer.jpg

Stormbringer! - Supporting Stormbringer 5th edition.

Pandaria - Rules and setting Details for the World of Pandaria.

Mistworld - 3 homebrew settings & campaign scenarios

RPG Rules Recipes Repository - Archive of BRP houserules

Tal Meta's Homepage – Greyhawk conversion, magic & creatures.

Alternate Earth RQ – Gods & pantheons.

Derry RuneQuest - World of Levar & RQ houserules.

Edu-Web - Free fantasy BRP & CoC Character generator.

The Chaosium Digest – BRP Blog.

Vikings and Skraelings - Vinland setting.

EBROS - The world of EBROS & char-gen houserules.

Midgard – RQ houserules & a scenario

RuneQuest FTP folder - Magic rules & spells.

Rune Quest ZA - Houserules & the Gæe setting.

The Obsidian City – Setting, cults & RQ houserules.

Underculture - RuneQuest houserules

Message group:

brpsystems & Basic RPS - BRP discussion groups.

alternateearthrq - Alternate Earth discussion group.

Fan sites:runequest.jpg

The Gloranthan Link List - The #1 list of Glorantha websites

Simon's Glorantha Pages - Huge Glorantha fansite

Nikk Effingham's RuneQuest Crucible - Ralios campaign & cults.

Pete's RQ & Roleplaying! - Scenarios & the Chaos Project.

Blue Sable altar - Prax, Kralorela, cults & temples

The Word - RuneQuest scenarios

East Wilds of Ralios - East Wilds resources & scenarios.

Peter Michael's Glorantha Page - Trickster aspects & spells.

Philip Hibb's Home Page - Houserules & trollkin features.

Runequest Campaign - Campaign log & houserules

Glorantha Wars - Houserules & new spells.

Matti Järvinen's RuneQuest page - Maps & a char-gen.

Wonderhome - All about the gloranthan trolls.

Andrew's RuneQuest Stuff - New monsters & spells.

Paul Honigmann's RPG page - Articles, NPCs & a short scenario.

Jane's Glorantha page - Vinga & DuckPac.runequest3.jpg

Ultimate RuneQuest Resources - Spells, creatures & houserules.

The Stabbing Cat - Griffin Island campaing.

Runequest Prax Campaign - Prax campaign.

Paul Sommer's RuneQuest - Pavis campaign.

Arf's Runequest Page - A mini-scenario & some houserules.

Ville Berholm's RuneQuest in Glorantha - Sandy's sorcery.

Wrothelingasaga - Wrothelli resources & cults.

Nils W's Glorantha page - Mysticism rules & the East.

Tales of Mighty Caernak - Houserules & Zola Fel campaign log.

Kim Englund's Glorantha and RuneQuest Pages - Houserules.

RQ Pavis - Pavic/Praxian campaign.

Kero Fin - A couple of cults.


Moon Design Publications - The Gloranthan Classics.

Message groups:

RQ-Rules, rqaddicts, rq3, & classic_runequest - Discussion groups.

griffin_mtn_rq2 - RQ2 PbEM game set around Griffin Mountain.

Fan sites:mrq.jpg

Gwenthia - Fantasy setting with a starting scenario.

Simon Hibbs' RuneQuest page- Houserules & resources.

MRQ Wiki - Various resources

Clan Tula - Folk magic & Glorantha 2nd Age articles.

Adventures in Prax - 2nd Age Campaign log & houserules.

Clan Tula - Folk magic & Glorantha 2nd Age articles.

Adventures in Prax - Campaign log & houserules.

RuneGoons - NPC group generator.

Cromaigne - Character sheets & campaign log.

RPGDiorama - Playing MRQ with LEGO elements


Mongoose Publishing - Official publisher of Mongoose RuneQuest.

Sceaptune Games,Alephtar Games, OtherWorld, Ronin Arts, Postmortem Studios & Inspired Device - 3rd party MRQ products.

Message group:

MongooseRuneQuest - MRQ discussion group.

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