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I will be running a Stormbringer 1st edition game on Google + hangouts next Saturday. All are welcome, come and join in.

Title: Stormbringer: The Tale of an Egg

Time: Saturday 15th October 21.00 BST (20.00 GMT, 16.00 EST, 15.00 CST etc)

Hagar the Skeletal, the Beggar-Mage, wants the shell from the egg of a Dragon Turtle and is willing to pay any number of reckless, foolhardy and downright crazy adventurers to fetch it for him from the desolate, barbaric and chaos-tainted land of Yu. A one-off adventure only, soon to be appearing in print in Fight On!. (If it comes out in the next week DON'T READ IT.)

Rules: Stormbringer 1st Edition, beginning characters. Pre-gen characters available, but if you want to dice up your own, let me know by e-mail and send me a copy.

GM: Barry Blatt (If you add me to a G+ circle I am the one who looks remarkably like The Mekon, arch-nemesis of Dan Dare)

Contact me on bazblatt@gmail.com.

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I was just swinging by to ask the same thing. :) How'd it go Bert?

I would be interested in playing in (or running) something like this in the future. This weekend was brutal though.

Edit: I've finally added you Bert, I'm Shea Ryan, so you know.

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Sorry about the dealy, don't look in on this forum too often. Went OK - I don't think the players will be holidaying in Doz-Kham again any time soon, and they were in such a hurry to get out of town they forgot to bring any rations or water and had to go back and get some. They got as far as discovering some weird s.o.b. was massacring random gangs of nomads and arranging their bloody giblets into smiley faces on the desert sands, one of their number caught dysentry and they wished they had packed enough spices to make baboon edible. Unfortunately technical issues and the like meant that the second session was delayed and never did get underway and I dropped the game in favour of an attempt to run Griffin Mountain over G+ instead.

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