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Unarmed Combat … super power


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So I'm looking at the unarmed combat super power, something that might come in useful over the next few sessions to properly pound my more than sure of themselves players… for this I see no problem… but lets say one of the players acquired this super power (and someone will eventually the way things are going)… it says that there is an opposed roll on the resistance table… trying to figure out what this meant I found no clear explanation.

So if, my evil npc had 4 levels and the unlucky wannabe-ninja player had 1 level, I would place wannabe's level 1 as active and evil overlord ninja's level 4 as passive on the resistance roll table for the players roll, and inverted for my evil overlord ninja-monk killer of doom? then both roll and on we go?

Or is there some other mechanic that I have over-looked that is intended for this?

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