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Berlin '61 Encounters Manual

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The Berlin '61 Encounters Manual is about 75% the way done. Trying to gather some art and finish some entries, hopefully will have this thing done by January 1 2012. Unfortunately its going to only be around 50 pages

For a reference, here is a list of the encounters.


Institute of Transplantology and Applied Pathology

Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Prison

“Front” Bar

Soviet War Memorial (Tiergarten)

The Russian Orthodox Friedhofskirche

Laboratory of Sieghild Koenigbaum

Ragnarök Cultists' Nest

The Restaurant


Short Adventure: The Girl with the Demon Tattoos

Common Encounters (Polizei, Stasi, Soldiers and so forth)

Animals (self explanatory)

Creatures (tentacles, augmented apes, kaozlings)

I am trying to work in some references to the next stage in the evolution of '61 will be. But it should be a major departure from Cold War Horror (or as far as a departure as you would want it to be, as the new '61 could very well still have adventures against the supernatural in Berlin).

Still toying with the idea of including the Christmas Adventure in the manual.

Hoping to here back from Dustin on his thoughts on the book, otherwise it might have to go self released. I would like to continue doing the B'61 setting (and start the '61 setting) under BRP/CoC and not have to use various OGLs to continue the setting on my own.

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Well the manuscript is coming along nicely, a few more stat entries and the main focus of the book is complete (with a tad bit more editing). Also have an artist now who is turning in some nice work that is adding to the overall feel of the book.

Biggest obstacle left is to finish the adventure for the book and insert some stats for the creatures section. But this book is mainly a collection of encouters and locations that are kind of like mini-campaigns/short adventures. Easily inserted into any Cold War era game, especially horror/supernatural styles.

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Work is still underway on both the new setting/game/genre spinning out of Berlin '61 (simply called '61) and the long over due Encounters Manual. The Encounters Manual is weighing in currently at 67 pages and looks to bloat to about 75 pages in all, if I decide to throw the x-mas advenutre into the thing then that will push it up to about 85 pages. It is shaping up pretty nice, even if I say so myself with plenty of interesting locations, some horror, some adventure, stats, NPCs and hints and clues at how the world of '61 will be shaped!

Look for the Encounters Manual to be released as a independent book (PDF) via Lulu (and probably soft cover option as well) in January, or if I am lucky, Dustin will decide to make it a monograph, which of course will delay its release a bit I imagine.

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