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MYTHIC ICELAND - Legend & Adventure in Viking-Age Iceland


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can anyone tell me what if any differance there is from the current incarnation of Mythic Iceland to the gencon 2011 pre publication edition thanks in advance


heath delashmit

The content is basically the same on both the GenCon 2011 pre-publication edition and the current incarnation of Mythic Iceland, save for some layout changes and a few typos having been corrected. Also, the new edition has got a beautiful new cover, and a color fold-out map.

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I really do not have much to say other than complimenting the author. Mythic Iceland is probably ... no certainly ... both the best BRP/BGB supplement published up to now and the best Viking d100 supplement ever published.

It has the depth of the excellent BRP Rome and the friendly play-me-now attitude of Future Earth. And I like it better than Vikings for RQ3 and for Mongoose RQII, which are both very very good.

Here is where I think Mythic Iceland excels:

1- History. It's an amazing read. You can forget it's a gaming book and just enjoy the well researched and well written stuff about Icelandic history, myth, culture and folklore.

2- Iceland as a quasi-sandbox setting. You create a farm for the PCs and just let them live their Icelandic life. Every valley and fjord is an adventure hook. The only thing missing is a digest of statted generic NPCs. But here I plan to plunder RQ3 vikings. Actually, I think I will use part of the RQ3 scenarios together with those in Mythic Iceland (Trouble with Neighbors, Yule Cat).

3- BRP rules implementation. Mythic Iceland extracts the most from the BRP/BGB system without wrestling it. I love how it marries simulationism with narrativism. You cannot play the sagas without severed limbs! And so, hit locations! There is a nifty "rules clarification" for shields (in fact it fixes a little bug in the BGB). It exploits very well the stormbringeresque Alegiance system, it offers nifty rules for legal litigations, generating a raid target on the spot, farming, prophecy, the weather, drinking... just WOW!

4- The Rune Magic system is delightfully flavorful, and eminently playable. How is it cool to have your scripts actually written on your rune script sheet??! The idea of narrative + mechanical effects is just superb. It allows, for example, the players to buff their sword skill +20% for the battle AND the gamemaster to add mysterious omens and happenings to the telling of the battle. Cool. By the way, if the people that designed D&D4 had understood that principle they would have resolved half the problems of that wretched game: the detailed and pretty limited effects of power X are for combat, but instead or in addition to that the DM can narrate cool effects of your power.

To conclude. I just hope to be running it soon!


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I'm still not through reading Mythic Iceland, but I agree it's a great book and a great BRP rules implementation.

One thing I really wish it had was an area map of the Snæfellsnes region (i.e., the default location for the "Trouble with Neighbors" adventure). Such a map might include some notable features like the troll cave, Skorri's farm, et cetera. One thing I'm uncertain about is how far apart farms in such an area might typically be.

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I had the same problem as galafrone. I "bought" the free adventure 3-5 times and it never did appear in my list of purchased downloads. The Yule cat is hiding under the sofa, apparently.

Same here. Very annoying. How hard would it be for Chaosium to just provide a download link for the free adventure instead of a "purchase" through their screwed up online catalog system? Is it available anywhere else?

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One thing I really wish it had was an area map of the Snæfellsnes region (i.e., the default location for the "Trouble with Neighbors" adventure). .

That would have been nice to have. I agree.

BTW, I have still to look closely to the CoC Dark Ages rules and scenario. It seems very well done and flavorful, but personally I am not that interested in an Icelandic CoC game. I wonder how well the scenario can be adapted to the default Mythic Iceland setting.

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Anyone know if the PDF book available at Drivethrurpg also include the color map or is it only available from Chaosium ?

My PDF has some nice greyscale maps, but no colour map.

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The award is certainly well deserved. Actually anyone who wants to play BRP in a fantasy/pseudo historical medieval setting should pick up Mythic Iceland and Merrie England in my opinion, both resources are absolutely great!

" Sure it's fun, but it is also well known that a D20 roll and an AC is no match against a hefty swing of a D100% and a D20 Hit Location Table!"

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