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What type of setting will you use BRP for first?


What type of setting will you use BRP for first?  

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  1. 1. What type of setting will you use BRP for first?

    • Fantasy or historical
    • Modern
    • Superhero
    • Science fiction

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I have always enjoyed Fantasy settings.

Modern and SciFi settings never really did it for me.

For Superhero games I would probably use Champions.

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970)


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I will do Fantasy to have a pseudo RQ 4.

For superhero, I'm using champions.

I rarely play modern (except JB007, and sometimes CoC).

I very rarely play Sci-Fi (Last time was megatraveller).

If available, I will have a try for western.

Runequestement votre,


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Currently can't decide between:

1) Tales of the Long Night (baroque fantasy project)

2) After the Scouring (converting my RQIII Post-Apocalypse game from last summer)

3) Jorune (finishing the coversion I started three or four years back)

4) Children of Leviatahn (lost colony SF project)...

So SF or Fantasy, but not sure which (so I can't Vote as you have to pick one...)


Nick Middleton

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I would really like to give sci-fi a try. Maybe some TOS Star Trek-ish thing.

Modern is another interesting option; probably some good ol' Survival Horror (I am a big fan of Romero's zombie movies). Or Pulp.

If I were to do some fantasy, I would probably do something like post-apocalyptic fantasy...

Happy owner of number 226 of 420

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It's a toss-up between a purely historical backdrop of the Napoleonic wars or a historical/fantasy backdrop (using Ars Magica) of the Third Crusade. The preference in my group seems to be towards the latter, thus I'm interested to see what the BRP magic systems are like and if I can port the Ars Magica system to BRP, use BRP with some Ars Magica bells and whistles, or use Ars Magica wholesale. In the end I'll probably do my usual; "Roll some dice and make stuff up".


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My original plan was to hit the ground running with a swords and sorcery fantasy game using a world that I came up with a while back. And that may still happen, but when I put together the two Crouching Tiger knock off characters (in the Rogues' Gallery thread) I found myself wanting to head straight into a wuxia wonderland. I was surprised to see just how well I could realize that kind of character with BRP.* They manage to catch the flavor without a bunch of complicated rules or absurdly-named powers dragging them down.

Heck, I think if I were careful about it I could run a wuxia-esque asian fantasy game for my players who have long insisted that they didn't want to play in a wuxia game and they might not even realize it was happening at first. Just start them off as "unpowered" soldiers and such, do an adventure or two where things are "normal" asian fantasy (look! hopping vampire! kill it!) and slowly amp up the wuxia until they're into it. Or not.

Anyway, I voted fantasy/historical since I'm sure that's where I'll wind up. Unless my itch for something wild west-y flares up again. Or maybe a mad desire to run a short, street-level heroes Superworld thing will overtake me. Damn, the possibilities really are endless :)

* I know, I know. I shouldn't have been. BRP is wonderful and great and can do anything. But I was still surprised :)



Geek blogging at http://strangestones.com

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I've been using some of the rules in the Call of Cthulhu game that I'm running ever since the playtest started. As a result I selected Fantasy/Historical in the poll.

I'd like to run either Pulp 30's, Post Holocaust, or Sci-Fi next. What I use it for next will depend in part on what my players want to do.

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Well, first things first.

A supernatural Western.

Player's are talking about a Jorune at some point

and RQ/CoC? Well that would feel like putting a brand new V8 engine into an old vintage car.

I just hope they ship my copy soon.



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A low powered supers campaign would be the easiest (once you get some decent character concepts worked out) and "safest" intro to the BRP system, for a group of mostly newbies. I don't want players getting killed off as their intro to BRP.

At least I THINK I can drag people away from the videogames and such for a couple "one shot" super adventures and see how it goes. After that, I guess I could pitch some other BRP settings past them and see what sparks the most interest.

After playing some of "Assassins Creed", a crusader era campaign might be an easy sell. Not that far off from "Cthulhu Dark Ages", but I'd try for more of a historical feel. I've got the "Holy Warriors" sourcebook for that time travel RPG from Timeline LTD, "Time and Time Again", which covers that era very well. A short campaign, 4-5 adventures would be ideal.

A "Warlords of Alexander" campaign would be nice, as I've got some ideas for about a 10 adventure campaign, but getting other people interested in 300 BC Alexandria, Egypt might be a tough sell.

Jorune? I think you need to know a fair amount to appreciate the world, and much more to GM in it.

Multiverse? Another time travel campaign? Sure, you get to do adventures that are more "flavor of the month" and the BRP system really shines in handling most characters from different times and places.

Western? A least a couple adventures would be fun, and it's very easy for anyone to get into. We've all seen plenty of westerns, right?

Pulp Heroes, a street level supers game set in the 1930s. Communists, a growing Nazi power, and wacky super-science. Maybe.

Star Wars or Star Trek BRP? Should be easy enough to get players excited about, but I don't have a cool idea for a campaign, yet.

The "Future World" book from World of Wonder always intrigued me. A space empire setting, with "gates" between worlds instead of fleets of spaceships, and the players as imperial trouble-shooters. I'd need to do a lot of work to flesh out the setting. Anyone want to do a "Mass Effect" BRP game and post the pdf? :)

Tschai: Planet of Adventure, another one, good for a short campaign.

Truth be told, I'd be happy to play in any and all of these settings, and a dozen more. All without having to learn, or teach my players, a different rpg system.

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I'll be using BRP predominantly, with a few RQIII procedures added for spice and nostalgia ;), in a low-fantasy home-brew setting where magic is uncommon...as apposed to a "high fantasy" game with everyone and their granny has access to magic.

I'd also like to run a BRP sci-fi...something in the DUNE universe possibly.


Present home-port: home-brew BRP/OQ SRD variant; past ports-of-call: SB '81, RQIII '84, BGB '08, RQIV(Mythras) '12,  MW '15, and OQ '17

BGB BRP: 0 edition: 20/420; .pdf edition: 06/11/08; 1st edition: 06/13/08

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I voted modern, but I'd actually like to do a modern fantasy. It's an interesting genre that's a more approachable and there aren't many choices in it when it comes to established RPG's. Really only World of Darkness is the big one, with a defunct tri-stat RPG and Fireborn (which is a bit limiting).

I will not speak of d20 Modern's horribly broken system, aside from the fact that it's d20, which is more of a tactical board war game than an RPG. Oops. I guess I spoke about it.

"Men of broader intellect know that there is no sharp distinction betwixt the real and the unreal..."

- H.P. Lovecraft

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I voted Fantasy, because most likely, it will be using my fantasy world, but I'm more apt to use it for a Sci-Fi game than any other set of rules, well except maybe GURPS.

Skunk - 285/420 BRP book

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I voted Fantasy, or to be more precise, Glorantha.

I started my group on the RQ2 borderlands campaign. We're using RQ2 as the base as I wanted to show them Old School, after previously running some HeroQuest sessions.

As RQ2 is a little light on options, I have been picking out house rules from RQ3. This was beginning to become a headache, when trying to find anything to answer a query.

I was contemplating doing a kind of RQ2/3 summary for my players, when I heard about the new BRP book.

All the best rules from RQ, Stormbringer, CoC and Pendragon inside one cover.

Absolutely brilliant!

From now on, all my RQ Glorantha based games, will be based on BRP.

Loving the book.

Likes to sneak around


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I voted for "fantasy or historical" because it's the most inclusive category.

The game I'm working on now takes place in an alternate-history Victorian setting with some "retro-advanced" technology I cribbed from various Scientific Romances, plus sorcery. I am toying with the idea of adding in some exploration of other planets to throw in a dash of Sword-and-Planet, but I'm wondering if I'd better save that for an in-game plot twist.

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"Return to the Hyborian kingdoms" is the most likely option for my group, picking up where our last RQ3 game left off - although, really, anything is possible.

BRP Zero Ed #136/420

"Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal death in judgement."

- The Fellowship of the Ring

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