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In the spring of 1005 A.D., the small group of fugitives stopped in London at the request of Father Paul, who asked them to look in on a servant who was there. They find strange things happening near Bishopsgate in London and decide to do something about it.

On February 1, I ran another online game of Cthulhu Dark Ages, as the investigators head back to England. This was the second session of the original scenario “London in Absentia."

The roleplaying journal of the scenario is here:


Players were:

Matt McPike as Brother Drake (monk)
Aaron Frager as Birhtnoth the Smith (craftsman)
Sean McPike as Arlyss the Giant (trader)

London Bridge 1000 AD.png

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In the spring of 1877, three men arrived in the village of Saltmarsh in Washington Territory. Each of them had goals and aspirations of their own, but they would soon be thrown together by the strange events that surrounded that isolated town on the Pacific coast. Soon, others joined them.

On February 15, we continued the Down Darker Trails campaign online, tentatively named Pacific Northwest Fears. We're starting off using the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons scenario "The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh" and now "Danger at Dunwater" as well as the D&D campaign "Ghosts of Saltmarsh" adapted to Call of Cthulhu in the American west.

This session saw the investigators continue their preparations for aiding in the war of the Quinoat against the yuggs.  Some are suspicious of their activities, however.

The roleplaying game journal of the session is here:


Players are:

James Brown as William Hazard (dilettante)
Sean McPike as Loren Hutton (journalist/author)
Aaron Frager as Fernando Jimenez (gunslinger) 


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