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Assistance Needed With New Fantasy Roleplaying Setting


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So, do you enjoy writing? Do you have some artwork you want to see in a book? Do you have a character that you enjoy and want to see published?

What we are looking for is contributors to a new fantasy setting book. The core is fairly well developed, but we would like contributors. We are looking for a number of things.

Firstly, we want small towns and other geographic locations. Submissions should be between 1 and 5 paragraphs for each geographic location. In order to fit it within the current geography, we might need to add a few edits.

Secondly, we are looking for artwork. Black and white or color artwork is acceptable, and anything from a small corner doodle to a full page! Do you have an old image kicking around on your hard drive? Did you draw an elaborate map for a village or town for one of your campaigns, and would like to see it reused? Send it to us, and if it's accepted we'll put it in the book.

We also accept characters. If you have a favorite fantasy character of your own creation, write them up (you can also send us a character portrait), and if they're accepted, they will find their way into the section on characters (and be featured in the Personas section of our blog). Don't worry about statistics for characters, this book will be free of any game mechanics, although we plan to incorporate mechanics into our next book, a Player's Guide.

What do you get out of it? Well, for those submissions that are accepted, the contributors will receive a free PDF of the product when it's finished, and I'll see what I can do about getting them a hard copy at a discount. Of course, you will also have your name listed in the book, and your work in print, which is awesome to have on a resume. Lastly, with your permission I will add contributed images to the blog http://tales-of-andorus.blogspot.com/

Feel free to contact us at fiveminutehallway@gmail.com

- Simon

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Is this world gonna use any particular rules set?

I do happen to have a location I have written up. It is an Inn that also serves as an base for a small mercernary/adventurer group have most of the characters finished but haven't made any maps of the inn. The characters are statted out with BRP.

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Nope, no particular rules set for the Setting Book, it will be all "flavor", no "crunch", as there won't be any mechanics listed.

Thus it will be entirely capable to be used with whatever rules set you want, allowing for DM's to use it with DnD (3.0, 3.5, and 4e), GURPS, Fudge, Pathfinder, or whatever home-brew system they like.

There's even been talk of some people using it as a basis for short stories, and I'm looking into some sort of "Open License" type situation to let people use it for their own works, within reason (i.e. no earth shattering catastrophes and such).

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Guest Vile Traveller

Interesting. A bit like the old (and new) Thieves' World concept, eh? Although the RPG publications for that always had/have some system information, I suppose you could always produce rules supplements later, mainly for magic.

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Yes! Exactly like the old Thieves World concept wherein they created a setting and allowed writers to contribute their own stories. I practically grew up on the setting, and one of my most well worn books was a collection of the first three books, which went on to shape much of my expectations for the genre.

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To further extrapolate on what subject material we are looking for, the following clarifications and requirements have been codified.


Geographic contributions should be between 1 and 5 paragraphs in length, and describe a particular feature, such as a forest, mountains, swamps, etc. Important features and inhabitants should be noted. Additionally, any historical events surrounding the feature can be included.


Includes contributions of organizations, such as knightly orders, cabals of wizards, witch covens, particularly important merchant guilds, noble houses, etc. The description of such organizations should not be less than 2 paragraphs. Incredible detail (such as ranking system) is not required, although founding individuals would be appreciated, as well as the purpose behind the organization and any plot/conspiracy they are involved in.


Detailed accounts of individuals that are currently amongst the living (or undead) should be no less than 2 paragraphs. Characters should be of one of the core fantasy races (human, elf, dwarf, halfling, gnome and orc) , although particularly interesting non-demihumans may be considered for inclusion (such as dragons, fae, demons, etc.)

The character's involvement with already written material is a plus, but not required (later editing can integrate them).

A physical description is desired, including any notable features. Goals, agendas, and any notable personality quirks and traits should also be included. Additionally, they can be used to showcase an organization they are involved in, or a geographic area they dwell within.


Andorus is a world with a large pantheon, and as such, there is room for a multitude of gods and goddesses that bear different facets, and many may overlap. For inspiration, Babylonian, Roman, Greek, and Lovecraftian Mythos should be consulted.

Details of deities should be no less than 2 paragraphs, complete with physical description, alignment, their portfolio, their goals, description of followers, and at least one holiday associated with them (even if it is not widely practiced).

Additionally, splinter factions are welcome, such as sub-cults that worship the deity in an alternate form or attribute different ideas to the deity.


Artwork to be accepted should largely be of the typical "sword and sorcery" fare, with a more humanocentric focus, such as in the depictions of Middle Earth, Conan the Barbarian, Dragonlance, etc. Images should be in digital format (jpg and png are preferred), and can be anything as simple as a line drawing that would fit in the corner of a page, up to full page pieces.

For example, we are primarily looking for pictures of the following: swordsmen, knights, wizards and sorcerers, swashbucklers, vikings, renaissance aristocracy, Roman parties, gladiators, dwarves, elves and orcs. Additionally, we will accept monstrous creatures.

When sending a contribution, please include the name you wish to have included in the "Contributors" section of the book.

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