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D101 Games: Crypts and Things Unleashed!

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149 pages of Swords and Sorcery fun. Be a wild Barbarian, a deadly Fighter, a soul-torn Magician or a sword sharp canny Thief, fighting evil tyrants, foul sorcerers and demons in a world rapidly dying and heading towards its final Nemesis.

Using a modified version of Swords and Wizardry, which in itself is a tribute to the earlier versions of the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game.

Chapter list

Scrolls of Wonderous Revelation (The Players’ Handbook)

Creating a character

How to play

Spell lists

The Book of Doom (A Crypt Keeper’s Guide)

The Continent of Terror - Gazetteer of the setting.

Ill Gotten gains of Dark Desire - Treasure and magic items.

A compendium of Fiends - Monsters

The Hall of Nizun Thun - A mini-crypt (adventure)

Appendices A to M: Notes from the Abyss

Witness the video flip through where I talk you through the book

Available in ;

Print from Lulu.com

Hardcover £25/$40

Softcover £15/$23.50

Pdf from DrivethruRpg

Pdf £7.50/$12

Once again Jon Hodgson has done me proud with this cover, itself a tribute to axe wielding Barbarians of old.


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