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dara-happa-stirs.jpgA Dragon...

The ancient kingdom of Dara Happa, beloved of Yelm, is ruled by a dragon. Its agents occupy the length and breadth of the Oslir valley; they have even penetrated the Gateway to Hell...

A Poor Woman's Son...

One man, the son of a blind carpenter and his pauper wife, is destined to to challenge the Dragon; to win back his father's heart and eyes, and in so doing, drive out the Dragon for good...

Seven Servants...

Every hero needs companions. Every rebellion needs its instigators. Every Dara Happan needs a divine purpose...

A Rebellion...

Together the Poor Woman's Son and the Seven Servants will rise and challenge the Golden Dragon Sun. From its stupor, Dara Happa will stir and shake. Gods will be challenged; the accepted ways of the Empire of Wyrm's Friends put to the test. Blood will be spilled.

A Rage

And in the midst of it, you, the players characters; the Seven Servants. Heroes emerging...

Dara Happa Stirs is a Gloranthan sourcebook and campaign setting of epic proportions. Within its pages you will find detailed information concerning Yelm's empire: history, myths, and political structures for the empire in Glorantha's Second Age. You will also find new cults, new magic, expanded character creation for Dara Happan adventurers, a full campaign spanning 10 years of Dara Happan history and numerous story seeds for additional action and intrigue.

So, Dara Happa Stirs; Dara Happa Rages. Join the fight for the Empire of the Yelm! Death to the Dragons! In Every Man a Sun!

By Lawrence Whitaker. 194 Pages.

Ef plest master, this mighty fine grub!
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