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With Fire and Sword

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I have started to read Sienkiewicz's trilogy and would like to, maybe, run a campaign in Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth using the Renaissance system. So, I was wondering if there was any rpg resources or books for the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in English?

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Did you start reading before or after you watched the movies? All of which (including Colonel Wolodyjowski from 1969, which is a great film), are available via Netflix.

There are several relevant Osprey publications you might check out:

Osprey Publishing - Unexpected Error This link isn't working, but the title is "Polish Armies 1569-1696"

Osprey Publishing - Polish Winged Hussar 1576

If you go to the Osprey website there are several worthwhile titles in the "16th Century" section. The Armies of Ivan the Terrible would also be useful, as well as anything about Sweden, Pike & Shot tactics, Ottoman Fortifications, anything about 16th Century Ottomans or the Wars of Religion would all be good. I would check your local library as well. Your loc says Minneapolis, I would not be surprised if the quality libraries in the Twin Cities metro area carried many Osprey publications. Granted Osprey stuff isn't exactly RPG-focused, but it's probably the best that you'll find for gear details and gives some history and the important battles.

Bear in mind that the wars between Sweden and Russia also take place in this backdrop so they would also be useful as well as anything about the 80-Years War or 30-Years War because mercenaries in those conflicts got around Europe (as you would know from watching the film 1612 which I just finished watching 2 days ago, granted it's Russian propaganda, but the film looks good and it's a great on-screen example of period costumes and warfare).

I was also thinking heavily about this period and looking for "The Trilogy" in English. Keep us updated.

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