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[JBE] What Else Are You Interested in Seeing

What Else Are You Interested in Seeing  

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  1. 1. What Else Are You Interested in Seeing

    • Monsters
    • NPCs
    • Cults
    • Spells
    • Traps/Poisons/Diseases
    • Other

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If you haven't seen, we just released the 5 cults that I published on my website for free in a single downloadable PDF: Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1. If you like this kind of "try before you buy" style of publishing, be sure to pick up these cults.

If this first publication is a success, we'd like to continue the free item a week and bundle it up into a new product. We've got a number of ideas:

New Monsters: I've published 2 monster books for Pathfinder and I am thinking about converting them over to Legend.

NPCs: Would you like to see a book of NPCs? My thought would be start off with common NPCs like a town guard, captain of the guard, beggar, thief, black smith, nobleman, etc and then later publish a villain and his/her henchmen. How does that sound?

Cults: As you've seen but with more customization.

Spells: Common, divine, arcane, blood, etc. 2-3/week.

Traps/Poisons/Diseases: This is more of a miscellaneous category of dangers. Magical and mundane.

Other: Please share your thoughts.

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What I would need most for my games would be ideas for interesting situations,

combinations of locations, the people there, and their motivations, whether an

inn with owner, staff and some unusual guests, a shop with owner, goods and

customers, or a temple with priests and members of the community - I think

you get the idea.

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