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How corrupt does a Lunar Chaotic Have to Be to Draw Attention?


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On 6/2/2024 at 1:23 PM, Malin said:

To be fair, these discussions are probably what is going on inside the tribes as well.

Absolutely. I can just picture the tribal council in King of Wasteland Prax (KoWP) giving differing advice on what to do in this latest dilemma.

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On 6/1/2024 at 5:11 PM, metcalph said:

Ogres openly identifying themselves as Cacodemon worshippers and seeking a permanent alliance?  Yeah, right.  Come up with a more credible scenario next time.  

That depends on  who is receiving the offer of alliance:

A Storm Bull chieftain?  He has their ambassador staked out on an anthill.

A Seven Mothers priest who has been preaching the Lunar Way including that Chaos is not necessarily evil and can be useful?  After the ogres detect as truthful, he will probably accept.  Maybe specify a few safeguards, may hold a headcount of the children every night, but why should the 7M be a hypocrite?   Your rejection of this answer just proves that you have not yet learned the Lunar Way.

Your pragmatic Waha khan? Depends on the situation, and consider a variant: What if the ogres don't come in praising Cacodemon?  Give the ogre some sense and practicality too.   The khan may say:  It is not safe in the long run but he might make a deal in the short run to serve the tribe.   It's not as if the ogres have obvious Chaos features.  Maybe one if them can be an intermediary with the broos.   

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On 6/1/2024 at 11:40 PM, Aurelius said:

The way I've always read Yelm is much about purity, and messing that up is the big deal.

but what is purity, what is corruption ?

I think it depends on the perspective, right ?


if you see chaos as the alien, enemy of your world, chaos is corruption

but if you see chaos as part of the universe, part of the "nature" of glorantha, chaos is not corruption

then... if Yelm gets illumination (from the red goddess or before ?) how does Yelm see chaos ?

So Yelm can stay pure , from his perspective, as he rules with justice the full world, chaos included. Of course chaotic people who refused the perfect Yelm's (cult's) laws must be punished or exterminated, as any rebel, chaotic or not.

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33 minutes ago, French Desperate WindChild said:


then... if Yelm gets illumination (from the red goddess or before ?) how does Yelm see chaos ?

So Yelm can stay pure , from his perspective, as he rules with justice the full world, chaos included. Of course chaotic people who refused the perfect Yelm's (cult's) laws must be punished or exterminated, as any rebel, chaotic or not.

Yelm has a strong history of conquering that which might be considered impure, dangerous, and terrifying. See Burburstus and the Third Stage of the 'Cosmic Justice' during the reign of Kazkurtum, pages 31-32 of the Glorious Reascent. That doesn't mean Yelm should specifically get magic for conquering monsters (if anything apparently Pelorians are terrified of Dragons, but maybe that's less because of a God Time event and more because of the Dragon Kill War, Dragons are Dragons they don't need a mythic precedent to scare the shit out of people), or Chaos for that matter. But it's thematically relevant that Yelm destroys a monster and it gets made into his throne. And the Blue Dragon that gets turned into the Oslir River, not technically by Yelm but rather his son Murharzarm but still. It's basically the Solar Emperor Job description to fight threats and then turn them into tools/subjects/allies.

And where do we see another monster conquered and then turned into an accoutrement of the authority of that God? That's right! The Red Goddess and the Crimson Bat! Now we can discuss if it's cooler to turn the monster into your ride rather than your throne. But there's a similarity there all the same.

It is part of Yelm's story that he conquered the Underworld but the interesting question to me is: Did he do this while grieving for his murdered son? Or was it only after reaching an accord with the Rebel Gods who submitted to his forgiveness? Can we imagine a resurgent Yelm leading the Rebel Gods as his army in conquering their way out of the Underworld?
I'm going off on one but it's a fun idea to imagine him delegating to the Lightbringers and other Gods in his Underworld court giving them MMO quests before they make their great exit at The Dawn, "Orlanth, to prove your good intentions with this 'Compromise' thing I'm going to need you to bring me 10 Darkness Demon heads to make the road out of here safe for the members of my court."

Anyway yeah my view is that the Yelm Imperator cult tolerates Chaos if it is made subject to Yelm. And The Red Emperor is currently doing the best job of that of any Dara Happan Emperor inside Time, through the advice and counsel of The Red Goddess. Maybe the better question is why does The Red Goddess tolerate the Solar Empire? Was it an alliance of convenience to prop up a legitimate authority against the Carmanians? Is it just the familial connection through the planets and Yelm? Is there something specific about the Dara Happan Empire that makes it a good vehicle for the Lunar Way? I'm imagining Lunar Priestesses doing apologetics for the Empire by pointing out it is a great vehicle for the spread of the Lunar Way. Once the barbarians are pacified and people aren't declaring bloody feuds over a stolen cow that gives them more space to show how nice the Teelo Norri Poor Fund is. Kind of like how Christian Writers did apologetics for the Roman Empire being the great vehicle for Christ's teaching through securing 'peace' in the known world which aided travel and communication.

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