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Witchcraft in Merrie England

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Hello! I have just started trying to put a game together with my kids, Ellie 11, and Jack,7. I am setting the game in a very fantasy merrie England setting. /i.e., Hobgoblins do exist, elves and dwarves are rare but do interract with humans, and the whole thing can be set in and around places we all know, such as the peak district, south yorkshire and the Trent valley. I can imagine there might be a bit of Robin Hood action going on at some point.

Anyway, Jack wants to be an elf warrior. Fine, can do.

Ellie wants to be a witch. So I was thinking about the nature of a witch, and figured they are probably of ancient elvish blood and so intrinsically magic. They should also be a secret sisterhood. Passed on through the female line. They should also be secretive due to conflict with church and state.

They should make charms, Talismans and potions. And on occasion, they should cast direct spells. But not so often But how do I make these potions etc work? How effective are they? How to decide what percentage they should have? Is there a mechanism for the making of items like this? Or have i missed something?

I? haven't played Anything for 12 years so I am very rusty I'm afraid!




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oops missed that one! Thanks. Struggling to find a copy on this side of the pond, For some reason BRP products seem to be like gold dust over here!

Its not a "distribution" book, its only sold through Chaosium's website. It is available in PDF and "should' be avaliable as a print book as well, unless it's temporarily out of stock.


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I recommend BRP WitchCraft as well - it is everything you need for witchery.

There is a Merrie England supplement for BRP(See my sig for further details) , but I specifically didn't include witches in detail because they were covered by BRP Witchcraft.

I'd play things fast and loose, allowing things to be made easily. Use Fairy Tale stories rather than real-life ones.

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Heh heh just go out and buy "Witchcraft' AND 'Merrie England'!

You're overdue for some supplements, and these ones will be a great resource your you!

Good to see you're starting the next generation off early...

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